In Conclusion…

As this block reaches its conclusion I’m filled with mixed emotions. I don’t want this experience to end, however I know what I learned at Pine Ridge will stay with me forever. Spiritually I feel the experience gave me the blessing of a new start. As Sam said in her blog post I feel like I got my light back, since returning I feel much more like myself than I have for the last couple months. This is the personal blessing I feel I have received. In the broader sense I feel so inspired and renewed by everything I learned and everyone I met. On the reservation I was shown a different way to live…something more connected, inclusive and less focused on the material than can be found in general American society. I want to thank “each and every one of you” meaning everyone we met on Pine Ridge and to all my classmates and especially to our wonderful and dynamic professor, Bruce. Without him literally none of this would have been possible, thank you for the joining of two worlds and the amazing things that came out of it.

Mike kept repeating that we were there because of the power of education. I fully believe in this…we as students at Colorado College have a responsibility to make the most of the incredible education offered to us. We were born into privilege and I believe it is our responsibility to make the most of that and to make a positive difference in the world. As a student and as an individual I feel renewed and inspired.

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