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Watching the video today was a very thought-provoking experience that left me thinking, particularly about the Mt. Shasta clip of white people practicing their new-age religions inspired by “native” practices. Where is the line between respect and desecration? Is it possible for people who are not American Indians to practice native-inspired spirituality without looking like idiots? Are the Wintu being hostile? Should they respect white new-age religions, or are they correct in thinking that they are desecrating the space? What would the drumming people think if they knew that the Wintu people were resentful of their presence? Whose side am I on? Why do climbers feel like they can’t give it a rest for the month of June? Why is that such a huge thing for them? What is it that prevents human beings from feeling empathy?

And there you have it; my mind has no periods, only question marks and exclamations points. Also the occasional semicolon.

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