How did I get here

Often times when I am living something I find myself wondering about my experience before it is complete. Will I remember this and down play the emotions? Will I add humor when recalling this memory.  Will I omit embarrassing details ? During the Yuwipi I began questioning how I would process this and remember it when a shock of panic stopped my stream of thought.

How the heck did I get here?! I am in a dark basement with banging drums and chanting listening for spirits. Oh geeze.

Lost in thought, I began to process what has occured in the past few days that got me where I am. There was a long car ride. But before that I signed up for the class. And before that I heared about the class. And then…

The conclusion. I have no idea and I don’t really care how I got here, I am here in a dark basement with banging drums and chanting listening to spirits.

Get out of your head. Let go of your body. Stop thinking. Start feeling. Live it up.

Currently I am sitting on my futon that has been my only true college possession. It is so uncomfortable. I can feel the bars through the cushion because so many people have sat and slept on it. It has three years of spills, stories, movies, and laughs. How did I get here? I am 21 years. I am sitting on my college futon applying for jobs. I decided to take time off. My life is in my hands. New York? San Francisco. Mom and Dad’s?

I want to say get out of your head. Stop thinking. Live it up. But I don’t know how. I think an adventure has a tangable ending whereas a journey does not have a clear ending.



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  1. h_freyer says:

    Adventure is just a part of a journey. Isn’t an adventure that very moment where you don’t really know where you are going or what you are doing there? Go for it!

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