A Prayer

Just as I was beginning to worry that Pine Ridge was slipping out of my reach, that it was just a little too far away, I was reminded that I have all I need here “at the center of my being” as Lao Tzu would say. Creating prayer bundles for class was a powerful experience of connection. In praying for the Lakota Family, for my class mates, and for the well being of the earth, my heart felt like it couldn’t be any closer to each of these elements of the web of life. In ceremony, in prayer, I have what I need. And as demonstrated by everyone who presented today, prayer and ceremony can be celebrated anywhere, by anyone.

I pray for the nourishment and well being of your body and spirit, that you may walk through this life with an open heart, and manifest your most authentic self. I hold each one of you in the light of my love. Mitakuye Oyasin.


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