“Though I may travel far I will meet only what I carry with me,

for every man is a mirror.

We see only ourselves reflected in those around us.

Their attitudes and actions are reflections of our own.

The whole world and its conditions has its counterpart within us all.

Turn the gaze inward…

correct yourself and your world will change”.

-Kristin Zambucka


I thank every individual in this class for giving me this amazing opportunity to really turn my gaze inward. This class has given a new meaning to what I consider an inward gaze. It is no longer isolated to meditation sessions but, to some extent, has becomes part of my daily routine, observing and learning at all times.

I thank you Bruce for understanding the importance of this inward gaze and granting us the chance to take some time to look within.

Reflecting on this block I have nothing but praise.

It has truly shown my why I am here, learning at CC. This hands on style of learning, allowed us to engage closely with the material and develop intimate relationships with classmates, and for this I am very grateful. Throughout the class I felt encouraged to follow my interests and I was able to pursue projects that I felt very passionate about. The class provided a strong framework in which we were given creative freedom that helped my learning process in various ways. For me, our final project beautifully summed up my experience in this class. Despite, initially having different visions for how this project would turn out, the music and poems naturally weaved it into a collaborative piece that gave the four of us the chance to share our experiences. What ended up being shared was a blend of our own original poetry, lyrics, as well as the poetry and quotes of Native American poets and scholars.

In the poems and songs we shared there seemed to be a pervasive understanding of the interrelatedness of humans and the rest of the natural world. After performing our ritual, presentation, I strongly felt this sense of connectedness with the rest of the class and the amazing individuals that guided our way up at Pine Ridge. Thank you all!

I was asked to post my song that we performed during the ritual, so here it is:

Blue Flame

Mitakuye Oyasin

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