The End Has Finally Come. 2012!

I said goodbye to the class last night after a Wopila ceremony with Selinda, a feast at Bruce’s house, and a party at my house. I have never in my four years experienced a class like this. As I stood behind the bar watching everyone belting “Bohemian Rapsody” I realized that these were some of the most special people I have met at the CC College. The vast amount of support that I gave and received during this class is something beyond special. I have shared things with this class that not even my best friends know. Never before have I been able to discuss my spirituality in such an accepting community.

The last night of sweat at Pine Ridge really put me into a slump. I realized a lot about myself that night and I got very depressed and felt empty inside because I wasn’t pleased with what I learned. Normally my method of dealing with these slumps is to lock myself up in my room for days while my substance intake increases, not the healthiest way of dealing with issues. But for the first time I talked about my feelings, I let a lot of things go and got a lot off my chest. People were constantly coming up to me and making sure I was doing okay and asked if I wanted to talk. I have never been able to get out of these slumps easily, but by the end of the night I was the happiest I had ever been at Pine Ridge and I still had everyone around me laughing, massaging, and joking around.

I just want to say one last thanks to everyone who has partaken in this adventure. It was an honor to get to know some of you and I will never forget the times we had. I require a class reunion at some point this year. Thank you all, Wopila.

D signing out.

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