I want to thank each and every one of you

I know all the posts are now sappy closing posts, and since I’m no great writer I won’t bother trying to make this post stand out. I just want to express how deeply I appreciate everything that each person brought to this class, and the experience it helped create. I often fear that I come off as ungrateful. Short gratitude prayers in ceremony, cynical criticisms of the class, yelling at Reed and Harrison and a tendency to let my appreciation go unsaid. But the time has come for me to come clean – I loved this class and everyone in it. Every ceremony I could see during I started by looking at each person present and finding one thing I was grateful for about them. You all made that easy, and I discovered new things I appreciated every day. It was beautiful the ways in which we opened up to each other, it is all to uncommon at CC to make relationships like these so quickly.

It is wonderful being home with my family and feeling like I have been preparing for Thanksgiving for the last month. I will be thinking off all of you and of every day of our class tomorrow, until I pass out from gorging myself or happiness. Have a wonderful break and I’ll see you all soon!


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