New Class…BOO

So I know I’m really late on posting my final reflection, but home turned out to be way busier than I was expecting it to be! Wow I miss you all so much. Emily and I are in the same class this block (Magic, Science, and Religion…only at CC right?), and today we both commented on how weird it is being outside of IRT. The classroom felt cold and empty, and the students gave off such a different vibe than we had in our class last block. Why can’t all classes be as amazing, warm, and as close as ours was?? I feel uncomfortable and almost lost in this new class without all of you surrounding me. I keep wondering if all IRT classes became as close as we did, or if we’re just extra special (which, duh, we obviously are).

I learned so much about myself and about all of you through this class. It’s so weird to think that without IRT, I most likely wouldn’t have become friends with all of you beautiful people. But luckily, something brought us all together, and now I have so many new friends that I absolutely love! Thank you all for being so extremely supportive from day 1 and for being open and willing to try and learn new things. Without the collective openness of our class, it wouldn’t have been the same. Thank you for making me laugh and smile multiple times a day and for being there when I needed you. Can we please please have a reunion asap because I already miss you all SO much!! I hate not being in the same classroom with you all ahh.

Anyways…I could really go on forever about how grateful I am to all of you.

I hope you all had wonderful and happy breaks! . WOPILA to each and every one of you (this joke will never end will it?).

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