Hi hi, my name is Jacy Zayne Stewart, I’m a sophomore at here at CC. I decided to come here because of the block plan and Colorado seemed pretty sweet. I’m from Seattle, Washington and I enjoy walks in the rain. I live in the CC Inn. I plan on being a studio art major, still have yet to declare. I fell in love with the religion department as a freshmen and hope to dabble around in it for a while. I knew Bruce’s name before he knew mine, thought he seemed pretty sweet so I took this class. I love mashed potatoes, I have a hurt hand, people think my hair is fun to touch and I don’t mind that cause it feels good when people rub my head. I like camping and swimming in lakes. And I like snow even though I don’t ski or snowboard. I’ve never been to the east coast. My mom lives in deep east Texas and it’s always interesting going down there. I like music, a lot, even though I don’t play any instruments. I enjoy meeting people and I love dancing, especially to my music. I like hosting parties, when I can play my own music. I lived off campus this summer and met some cool older people. I like going to shows. I wear white vans. I work for bon appetite, catering mostly. I drive a jeep grand cherokee, but it’s back in seattle, I’m driving it down over winter break though. I like eating at the preserve or off campus, rastalls stresses me out. I just started drinking coffee and it’s great. My roommate Adam is really messy and never buys toilet paper. I have two little sisters that I miss dearly, they’re 6 and 9, and really cute. I have a stepmom from Peru whose alright, my mom is the bomb. I like big cats, and sculpture. I like playing soccer and tossing the friz. I used to wrestle in high school, that’s a little known fact. I love netflix, and chinese food. I’ve been called a Taoist, but I don’t really know the faith. Shanyn Sossamon is my celebrity crush. I’ve thought about naming my first child river. I don’t believe in money but I spend a lot of it. I don’t believe in tourism but I want to travel. I try to believe in people but I loose faith. I like corduroy and flannels and henleys and other soft clothes. If I have to dress up I like wearing a bowtie cause it’s fresh. I wonder if anyone read this far. I’m not great with computers. I like space and nature.

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