Hello pals. My name is Becca Manning. I am a senior Religion major and Spanish minor from the fine town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain last semester, where I spent four months attempting to speak Spanish but mostly embarrassing myself with language barriers, and eating tapas. I like baking, reading and writing, playing with dogs, playing tennis, watching The Bachelor,  swimming in the ocean, and lolling. I really hate driving, but understand its purpose. I have been told my spirit animal is a yellow lab.

I am super jazzed to take this class and go to South Dakota. I have never been there.

About Becca Manning '14

Hi, I'm Becca and I am a religion major and Spanish minor from Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I enjoy spending time with friends and family (and my dog), traveling, baking, reading, and enjoying the nice Colorado sunshine.
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