Hey guys! I’m Jarod. I’m a fun-loving guy who loves sushi, deep conversations, and long walks on the beach. One time, I was a dinosaur for Halloween. And by one time, I mean every year until highschool, when I became too big for the costume. I’m a freshman here at CC. I’m a Barnes Scholar and thus a Biochemistry major, and am thinking about a double major in philosophy. I play violin in the CC Orchestra and my interests includedinosaur-child-costume-52sm rock climbing, skiing, music, sleeping, and hammocking.

I’m very excited for this class. I want to get to know all you wonderful people and use this class to crack myself open a little bit so I can understand what I am about a little bit better. I have a little bit of background in American Indian culture; I come from Flagstaff, AZ, just a couple of miles off the Navajo reservation, and I have volunteered teaching music to elementary schoolers on the Hopi and Navajo reservations. I have interacted with both communities on a semi-regular basis and observed a couple of celebrations and powwows in both traditions.

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