Whatchu know bout Djake

Hello class,

My name is Djake

My full name is Djake Lillith Zeus-Fingers Slixxx Carroll

I don’t believe in the moon

My spirit animal is Ninja from the band Die Antwoord

I enjoy things generally and also don’t like things sometimes

You should take everything I say with a grain of salt because it’s important to maintain a healthy level of sodium in your diet

Sometimes I dream about buying a van, putting a bed inside it, and a stove, and a blender for smoothies, and driving places

Adam Ting prefers to be called Adam Thing

I don’t take much very seriously

Sometimes I take things very seriously

I enjoy trying to derive specificity from vagueness

I’m colorblind because of mom’s side of the family

I’m 3/13ths clairvoyant because of my dad’s sign of the family

My Academic Probation Advisor in high school told me I didn’t belong in college

I’m highly addicted to coffee and am nursing a nicotine addiction

I enjoy words and religion but never in combination

I am fascinated by Extraordinary People and my latest interest is Bruce Lee, before that it was Cheef Keif

My favorite tree is the Redwood tree and my favorite type of water is the Pacific Ocean

I aint grammar

I want a tattoo but I’m not sure what to get. what do you guys think?


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