I am a senior English, fiction track major and have in the past tinkered with pre-med requirements. Both of those things however at this point seem somewhat distant to what inspires me now and to what I now hope to be doing further on down the line. I was born in LA but grew up in Spokane, Washington outside of which we have a farm. Although it’s not “cool” like Seattle, I really loved growing up there, so close to lakes, mountains, rivers and the seven other liberal families in the whole town to whom my family has closely stuck. Community is really important to me, in my upbringing and now, as I face the prospect of graduation.

My parents met at CC over a hundred years ago. I guess that means I owe this place my life. My sister Simone also went to this fine institution and we got to spend one year here together (she, a senior and me, a freshman).  I really do love it here and am also excited to explore the world beyond the bubble and can’t decide whether I should be excited or devastated so usually I reside somewhere in the middle. I play fiddle, a little guitar, and sing in a bluegrass band here at school. I’m always looking to play tunes ideally around a bonfire so hit a sister up if your on the market for such a scene. I love being outdoors more than anything, backpacking, telemark skiing, running, or mountain biking. I worked at a summer camp for three years in the San Juan Islands in Washington and we have a long house and the members the Kwakwak’wakw nation come to do ritual dances and we learn a few traditional songs that have been gifted to one of the figureheads of the camp and I’ve always been blown away by what I’ve experienced of their culture and want to learn and see more.

I spent 7 months in Bolivia this past year first studying indigenous movements and Bolivian politics and then in an internship over the summer working with a public health NGO. While I thought I would be working in the hospital full time I ended up opening up a bakery with my organization. My mom came down at the end of my internship and we travelled together for a month through Bolivia and then up into Peru. I was slightly apprehensive to travel with my mom as I am to travel with anyone (travelling can bring some crazy things out in people let’s face it) but it was the best experience I could have asked for.  Somehow I convinced her to do a 5 day trek with me to Machu Picchu during which we got up to nearly 17,000 with Salcantay Mountain at 21,000 ft staring us in the face.

That’s it for now. Really looking forward to getting to know you all in the next few weeks.


DSC06765Salcantay’s eastern ridge


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