the new age sacred?

Today, I watched a video my friend introduced me to called “New Ways of the Sacred” from the online channel called The Bloom. This episode features many different festivals, gatherings and participants’ views that focus on the idea of finding the sacred within your personal life, not necessarily through religion. It illustrates the sacredness and spirituality that is so often present at these gatherings of people, such as Burning Man in Nevada and Beloved in Oregon. I would highly recommend watching this video, not necessarily for the genius that is taught throughout, because it is not necessarily genius, but for the ideas that are presented.

The main idea that this video expresses is that of the new age sacred being discovered through music festivals and gatherings incorporating practices of many differing religions and on some occasions, the use of psychedelics (although the video does discuss that for many goers they have the ability to feel as if they are using psychedelics when in reality they are not, it is simply the intense vibes and sensations they are feeling as a result of the music and the environment). The video introduced me to new ideas of the sacred, while also making me feel like everyone was over exaggerating their experiences.

Although I do love myself some hippie gatherings, I also find myself questioning the validity and truth behind people’s reasons for going and what they are actually feeling and experiencing at these festivals, especially when they’re not trippin’ balls. Is it all just for fun? Or do these people really believe and find spiritual connection in this kind of gathering? I think that it is a definite mix. I know of people who do connect on a spiritual level at such music festival, but those same people have the ability to do so without said gathering. And this is another reason why I think these people could be bullshitting me. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed this video and I knew one of the speakers in the video, so I feel like I can’t say it was terrible, but you know, there are some parts that I question.

As we talked about in class, and as Smith talked about, the sacred can be personally discovered or created. If so, then does that mean that the sacred can be found in anything? I guess so and if so, then that means that these festivals can be sacred to anyone who chooses them to be. And honestly I have found spiritual connection to one of these festivals [Oregon Country Fair, look it up, it’s great!], but it always just baffles me hearing about others’ connections.

Here’s the video, if any of y’all want to watch it. It’s rather long, but the filming is kind of cool. (episode 3 “New Ways of the Sacred)


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