here’s the truth

It is a search for truth.  For the true.  For the center.  We try so hard to find what we think is right or good or proper, but rarely do we look for ourselves.  Through art we are able to move beyond the everyday experiences and express our centers.  But what is art? Is art defined in the end or the means? A combination of both?  I define art as concentrated effort to express one’s self.  I also try not to define art.  Art can both be art to one person and mundane to another.  At that point it is both art and not art.  That duality is one of the main issues I have while grappling with this class.  I strongly believe that reality is personal experience of the world.  Each person’s reality is the true reality because it is the reality for them.  Each reality both exists and does not exist at the same time.   Think Schrodinger’s Cat. Until we actually are able to look into the box and see the true reality, all realities are both true and untrue at the same time.  We will never know true reality, but we experience it everyday all the time through our being.  None of it matters, none of it makes sense. It all matters, it all makes sense.

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