Virtual Scrapbook and Mike Littleboy Sr.’s Story

Our final project consisted of making two films. The first is ultimately a virtual scrapbook of our trip in commemoration of our influential week in Pine Ridge and all those involved. Our hope is that this film will help you relive the experience as we’ve been doing while working on the project, and that it’ll keep us inspired for years to come by replaying the life we lived for a week. Because those involved in our experience were not just CC students and faculty, we thought it was important to revisit the idea of privacy in terms of what to include and who to share it with. We feel the decision shouldn’t rest solely in our hands, but if agreed upon by the entire class we think it could be nice to provide our friends and family in Pine Ridge with hard copies of the film.

Our second film focuses on Mike Littleboy Sr. and his teachings; we were given an opportunity to accumulate and combine photos, audio, and videos of his story telling. We were all there to hear him tell us his story the first time, but after working with the video and audio for at least three days his teachings refilled our lives. Getting the task of trying to make technology demonstrate Mike’s wisdom, trust and spirituality was an honor and a challenge we spent hours on, hopefully with some success. With this film, even more so than our scrapbook, the question of privacy came up. Who should have the right to Mike’s wisdom and words? What should we do to respect our responsibility and relationship with the friends and family of the Littleboy’s? We hope that, as a class, we’ll come to the right conclusions.

– Elena Biagioni, ChrisEdmonds, Sean Kwo and Katherine Whalen

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