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Lakota Language

  For my independent project, I made a felted child’s toy to explore Lakota Language. The point is to explain the importance of  early language acquisition before puberty to revitalize the Lakota language. I made a felt background of South … Continue reading

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The Past and Present, Educational Purpose, and “I” Statements

The thing that hit me hardest about Pine Ridge was listening, watching, and feeling the prayers needed there. This reservation is one of the, if not the, most impoverished and suppressed community in the United States. The reservation has a … Continue reading

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Landscape Identity and Sacredness

In anthropological cultural models, people see everything differently based on their cultural background and personal experience. A person might look up at a peak and see a great face to back country ski down. Another person might remember the summer … Continue reading

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Who: Maggie McKeon What: Senior Anthropology Major and Latin American Studies Minor at Colorado College. Next year? Who knows. Outdoor education or teaching or land management perhaps. Where: From Maine. And very excited about Maine. Also loves the Colorado landscape. Things … Continue reading

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