Hannah Stoll wanted to share the stories of interesting, unique people, teach listeners about the many ways people are living sustainably off-grid, and communicate the challenges and opposition faced by those who choose this way of life. In a seven episode series, we hear from people living off grid on Colorado’s Front Range and a geodesic dome and an “earthship” in Taos, New Mexico.

Listen to Hannah Stoll’s podcast series on tiny houses: Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Off Grid Podcast

Chrome Yellow Corps founder Charles Kern in the company’s airplane hanger workshop. Chrome Yellow Corps custom retrofits school buses into homes for clients in Arvada, CO.  Photo by Hannah Stoll



Joe Callentine in front of his in-progress tiny home. Callentine lives in Denver, CO and is the founder of Life Size Tiny Communities. His goal is to further the tiny home movement, alleviate the housing crisis, and build meaningful communities.  Photo by Hannah Stoll

Robert and Martha Justman and Ed Eaton in front of the Justmans’ passive solar home in Paonia, CO. Robert Justman built his home to harvest enough heat from the sun to eliminate the need for a central heating system. Eaton, solar educator and craftsman, lives nearby in his off-grid retrofitted school bus home. Photo by Hannah Stoll

Kae Fink and Reid Pletcher in the doorway of their cargo trailer off-grid tiny home in Denver, CO. Fink and Pletcher built out their trailer from the ground up, learning by doing. They are avid outdoor enthusiasts and young professionals pioneering urban off-grid living. Check out their process on their youtube channel, Operation Off Grid. Photo by Hannah Stoll