Thursday, March 30

Month: February 2012

Song of the Week(end)

SONG OF THE DAY: Tim Hecker — “Sketch 1”

Everything Tim Hecker touches turns to ambient gold. This piece in particular comes from his album Dropped Pianos— appropriately named after he "dropped" the piano in favor of the organ for the making of his most recent album Ravedeath, 1972 (kranky 2011). Go ahead and prepare yourself for bliss.

SONG OF THE DAY: Michael Kiwanuka – “I’m Getting Ready”

This guy has a great sound that is way beyond his years (24). Hailing from Britain, he has supported Adele on her tour and won some competitions, including BBC's Sound of 2012 pole for January, but I think he more than has the potential to be a big star. Not too big of course, he's too good for that. Anyway, enjoy the silky soulful sound and get his EP, I'm Getting Ready from Communion Records. [audio:|titles=01 I'm Getting Ready] Teo is a sophomore at CC. He has a radio show every Tuesday 7-9pm, it's got all sorts of stuff. Check it out.    
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SONG OF THE DAY: Danny Brown — “Die Like A Rockstar”

Before I ever knew of his music, someone showed me a picture of Danny Brown. The only word that came to mind when I saw it was "goon." Danny Brown is a straight up goon. His hair looks like something a hipster night club threw up and straightened, his clothing is often too tight and colorful, and he kind of sounds like B.o.b. if he came from an insane asylum. But the awesome thing is this totally works for Danny Brown. Mr. Brown has embraced his over sexualized characteristics and created a persona that is truly unique. Danny Browns 2011 debut album is entitled XXX and much like the title would imply, it's almost all about sex, drugs and everything else X-rated. The songs range from to-be-expected Brown sex loving classics like "I Will" to more playful songs like "Radio Song" where Brow...