Colorado College’s own Jeremy Zucker Releases Great New Tune

If making an awesome song wasn’t impressive enough, Jeremy Zucker, a sophomore at Colorado College, shot and directed the music video for his new song, “Dramamine”. The video features a very lovely Elizabeth Ellinger, another Colorado College student, who stands in the middle of the frame in front of a very well known landscape among CC students, Pikes Peak. The video effortlessly flows with the lyrics and vibe of Zucker’s track. The girl being like a drug, dramamine, is further illustrated through her being the absolute center of attention of the video. To further the message of the track, trippy visuals and changing colors are scattered throughout the video.

Zucker’s sultry, smooth voice is perfectly layered over a lush synth melody and simple beat. Zucker’s voice perfectly compliments and fills in the song, locking in it’s position as a sure fire hit. Zucker also brings in something that hasn’t been around for awhile, autotune. The way he uses it in this new track is unbelievable, Kanye-esque one could say. Just when you didn’t think Zucker could get any better, he comes out with a new track and blows you away.

Song of the Day: AK/DK- “Atomic DNA”

The duo AK/DK came out with this infectious tune about two weeks ago. The duo’s sound combines rock with electronic elements seamlessly. Will any duo, its hard to not draw connections to either the White Stripes or the Black Keyes, but these guys are definitely a step in a new direction.

Check out more of their music here.

Song Of The Day: PYRMDPLAZA- “Pong”

PYRMDPLAZA just came out with a new track! With some trappy vibes, and a hip-hop feel, this song will have your head bobbin’ for sure.

PYRMDPLAZA is a part of an artist collective/label called Soulection. Check them out here.