Saturday, March 25

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Plugged In Collaboration with 91.5 KRCC

We've recently started a new limited-run collaboration with KRCC about music we're listening to. The posts will be shared on both the SoCC and KRCC websites; check out the first post below. Plugged In is a limited-run web series for 91.5 KRCC Music in which contributors from Colorado College's student radio station, The SOCC, tip us off to great new releases, under-the-radar favorites, and other music they can't live without.  Hey 91.5 KRCC listeners & readers. I’m Paulina Ukrainets, the online content manager for The Sounds of Colorado College, CC’s radio station and music blog. I'm also an intern with 91.5 KRCC's Air Check. Below are some songs I’ve been listening to lately (though they’re not necessarily new), and a little bit about why I like them. Saba ft. Chance the Rapp...
Seventh Block Pop: A Mini Playlist
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Seventh Block Pop: A Mini Playlist   Spring brings a huge influx of new music. Below is a -mini- playlist of five new spring 2017 releases. Enjoy! 123 by Girlpool Listen to this when you're getting up Saturday or Sunday morning   Flowing Over by Palehound Listen to this en route to 7/11   Full Screen by Adult Mom Listen to this song when you are waiting for your friends to meet you in Worner for Rastall brunch   Baybee by Jay Som Listen to this when you are sitting on a quad not doing your homework   Caught in a Lie by Chastity Belt Listen to this when you’re waiting in line to get your mail
SONG OF THE DAY: Grimes- Weregild
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SONG OF THE DAY: Grimes- Weregild Although I love Grimes, I think I’ve listened to Art Angels and Visions a bit too much. As a result, I’ve been  listening to Grimes’ older music recently. “Weregild” is off of her 2010 release Halfaxa. Pieces of Art Angels, however, are reminiscent in this song especially in her sound looping throughout the track, a technique she has kept consistent throughout her work. The song as a whole seems a bit darker than her newer releases. In addition, the song is much more experimental, something I hope she doesn’t’ lose with her rise to fame.
Song of the Day: Destiny Frasqueri- Orange Blossom
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Song of the Day: Destiny Frasqueri- Orange Blossom “Orange Blossom” is a precursor to Destiny Frasqueri’s (Princess Nokia) album, 1992. The song itself is reminiscent of Frasqueri’s Afro Futurist style. “Orange Blossom” was released after Frasqueri’s experimental hip-hop album Metallic Butterfly. The song serves as a segway between Metallic Butterfly and 1992 as she departs from the experimental and recalls a soulful R&B influence instead.    
Unpredictable February Weather Playlist

Unpredictable February Weather Playlist   Humans Become Machines by Aristophanes Aristophanes is a Taiwanese rapper best known for her collaborations with Grimes. However, in 2017 she is planning on releasing music independently of the collaborations. This is the first of many releases of the year.   Tummy Ache by Diet Cig Tummy Ache is the single released off of Diet Cig’s upcoming full-length coming out in April. Compared to their last 7” Tummy Ache is a little less punk and a bit more alt rock. Nevertheless, Diet Cig’s guitarist Alex Luciano and drummer Noah Bowman keep the energy high, keeping fans tied over until the full album release later this spring. Told You I’d Be With the Guys by Cherry Glazerr Although this is less lo-fi...
SONG OF THE DAY: Them Are Us Too-“False Moon”
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SONG OF THE DAY: Them Are Us Too-“False Moon” I’ve been thinking a lot about the Oakland fire this week and listening to this band constantly. One of the members of the Them Are Us Too duo, Cash Askew, died in this fire. Askew was a vibrant member of the queer & trans community as well as the music scene in California. My song of the day is dedicated to Cash and all of the other vibrant humans whose life of creation was ended too soon. "False Moon" is a song off of Them Are Us Too's first album Remain.
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SONG OF THE DAY: RAVYN LENAE- BLOSSOM DEARIE Ravyn Lenae hails from the Chicago music scene. She has already collaborated with Noname and Mick Jenkins and is part of the Zero Fatigue collective in Chicago. In "Blossom Dearie," Lenae's lyrics pulsate through the song as her ad-libs guide the listener & various sounds loop in the background.  “Blossom Dearie” is featured on Lenae’s most recent EP, Moon Shoes.      


5 things you need prior to a PWR BTTM concert Glitter A good lipstick shade An outfit that is comprised of funky patterns, bright colors, and/or anything mesh Shoes to dance in More glitter Since Sunday night I have showered three times and my hair is still shedding silver and gold glitter. My sheets are spotted with the remnants of the blue mascara that was covering my eyebrows approximately 48 hours ago. It’s hard to convey the magic that occurs at a PWR BTTM concert. Starting with the name of the band, the shows are unapologetically queer, but I think the importance of PWR BTTM concerts lie in the safe spaces that they create. At every concert venue, the bathrooms are turned into gender-neutral bathrooms for the night, allowing individuals to focus on the music being played ...
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SONG OF THE DAY: DOWNTOWN BOYS-“Dancing In The Dark” Downtown Boys are a self-proclaimed “bi bilingual party from providence.” Although they released this song last year, I listen to it quite often. It’s the perfect song for a mid-day dance break. You can scream, jump up and down, and run around in circles…basically anything but the shopping cart dance move.  

PLAYLIST-MOD POD BLOCK 2 I have a love hate relationship with the mod pod. I love the bright orange exterior because it is so ridiculous. I hate the bright orange exterior because it is also TOO much to look at most days. But when you spend 16+ hours in the mod pod in a single day during fourth week because the library is closed, you just need some good music to listen to. Below is your very own mod pod playlist for block 2. Enjoy!   "Making Breakfast" by Twin Peaks Besides my blatant affinity towards punk rock bands, I am also quite sick of the classic “all male identified rock band because it’s cool and hip” vibe that has been a constant trend since forever. Nevertheless, this song is an exception to my feelings towards these bands...