Thursday, March 30

Author: Tom

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SONG OF THE DAY: Butch Walker and the Black Widows – “Synthesizers”

  I must confess, I only discovered this song because someone showed me the music video. I am probably the biggest Dazed and Confused fan around, so seeing Matthew McConaughey reprise his role as David Wooderson literally made me giddy. For a song completely about liking party but without all of the glitter and flare that comes with it nowadays, Butch and the boys couldn't have picked a better face for it. As a DaC fan, I like to think Wooderson would be exactly how he's depicted in the music video; dressed exactly the same and picking up (multiple) women exactly his age. Music video aside, "Synthesizers" is a song to groove to. The build is perfect and it's chorus is just catchy enough that it never gets annoying (at least it hasn't for me yet). Butch Walker and the Black Widows'...
Music, Song of the Week(end)

SONG OF THE DAY: Die Antwoord — “I Fink U Freaky”

If you haven't been exposed to and/or scarred by Die Anwoord already, get ready (and possibly I'm sorry). These guys have been the rawest, filthiest hip/hop group for the past two years or so, and they keep on impressing/ horrifying us. Their recent banger hit "I Fink U Freaky" keeps the grunge-rap going with a beat that I personally think is out of this world. The production and playing around with a constantly speeding up tempo really helps to make it a great dance song as well as showcase Ninja's (they guy's) insane flow. Seriously this guy is one of the most solid rappers I have heard in a while. I don't know if it's the accent that makes him sound so cool, but whatever it is it's working. The music video as always adds a scary and confusing feel to the song and also has some pretty ...
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SONG OF THE DAY – Nicki Minaj “Starships”

  I know, I know. This song came out a MONTH ago... But I really don't think enough credit was given to this gem of a Nicki Minaj track. It's got a little bit of everything in it. The part you can sing with driving in the car. The part you can rage to. Even the part you can't sing in front of your mother (but I feel like that's not the best way to differentiate Nicki Minaj songs). I can't tell you how many time's I've had to playback the "higher than a motherf*****" beat drop. I've never had a Nicki song fill me with so much adrenaline (except for maybe Moment 4 Life with Drake, but you probably already thought that too). Regardless of which part you'll enjoy the most, I highly encourage you to download/bootleg/listen to this song immediately. "Starships" is one of the few confirm...
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SONG OF THE DAY: Fun. — “Some Nights”

  I like artists whose name doubles as an description for their music. Fun. does just that. Their music is fun. Think 30 Seconds to Mars with more poppy talent and less suck (I'm talking to you Jared Leto). "Some Nights" could easily be the anthem of Fun.'s new album Some Nights (the fact that it's the title song should be justification enough). With it's strong drums and flailing vocals, you'll be in a better mood before the first minute of the song passes.  I'm smiling just thinking about the song, really. Some Nights (the album, not the song) is a great album. Hands down. You may notice a bit more hip-hop-y beats than their previous album Aim and Ignite (another solid album if you have not already listened). Turns out one of the big influences of the album was none other than K...
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SONG OF THE DAY: Danny Brown — “Die Like A Rockstar”

Before I ever knew of his music, someone showed me a picture of Danny Brown. The only word that came to mind when I saw it was "goon." Danny Brown is a straight up goon. His hair looks like something a hipster night club threw up and straightened, his clothing is often too tight and colorful, and he kind of sounds like B.o.b. if he came from an insane asylum. But the awesome thing is this totally works for Danny Brown. Mr. Brown has embraced his over sexualized characteristics and created a persona that is truly unique. Danny Browns 2011 debut album is entitled XXX and much like the title would imply, it's almost all about sex, drugs and everything else X-rated. The songs range from to-be-expected Brown sex loving classics like "I Will" to more playful songs like "Radio Song" where Brow...