Thursday, March 30

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A Playlist For Getting Over A Yeast Infection

A Playlist For Getting Over A Yeast Infection

By SB UNBOTHERED – SKI MASK THE SLUMP GOD Because– you are! Well, I bet you actually are very bothered and that is fair enough. So let's just acknowledge what it is you’re going through. “She wet like a whale,” maybe wasn’t written about the imbalance in your vagina’s PH but it could be! Too much moisture down there… some would even say, “wetter than Davy Jones’ locker.” In conclusion, you might be suffering right now, but try to remember you’ve got “too much sauce” to be bothered by a lil yeast-y.  GET GONE – FIONA APPLE “How many times do I have to say get gone.” Enough said. I know right now you’re asking yourself, “Am I gonna heal from this?” But the answer is yes.  HELMET – STEVE LACY “This ain’t gon’ last me forever.” Yes, this entire song can be sung...
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4th Week Playlist

Don't let fourth week murder your sense of adequacy; groove on down with your confusion with Nelson Kies' playlist of beautiful abstraction beats.