Thursday, March 30

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Seeing Sunny Day Real Estate

Seeing Sunny Day Real Estate

Written by: Caleb Hering Standing Outside Ogden Theatre “Aren’t you forgetting something?” asked a voice behind me. I turned around and saw a man in his graying years, clad with heavy beanie and a fur-lined puffy overcoat. My arms, clamped to my chest, were bare. It was 17 degrees and I had only a white t-shirt. “Yes.” I laughed. Despite driving to Denver with a heavy jacket and beanie of my own, the ten minutes in the freezing cold was worth not having to deal with a coat-check. If I really got cold, I figured, I could just walk the 100 yards to my borrowed car and deal with the jacket anyway. “Oh man I am so warm… and toasty…” he continued to goat. This was how I met your father. Well now maybe not your father, but this began the single theme which distanced me fro...
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Plugged In Collaboration with 91.5 KRCC

We've recently started a new limited-run collaboration with KRCC about music we're listening to. The posts will be shared on both the SoCC and KRCC websites; check out the first post below. Plugged In is a limited-run web series for 91.5 KRCC Music in which contributors from Colorado College's student radio station, The SOCC, tip us off to great new releases, under-the-radar favorites, and other music they can't live without.  Hey 91.5 KRCC listeners & readers. I’m Paulina Ukrainets, the online content manager for The Sounds of Colorado College, CC’s radio station and music blog. I'm also an intern with 91.5 KRCC's Air Check. Below are some songs I’ve been listening to lately (though they’re not necessarily new), and a little bit about why I like them. Saba ft. Chance the Rapp...