When food is disposed into a landfill, it becomes a source of methane – a greenhouse gas with 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. Be a part of the solution by joining EnAct’s compost program! Every week, a volunteer will bike around to pick up compost from off- campus houses. Volunteers will be entered into a raffle for awesome prizes!
If you live off campus: goo.gl/forms/YC7XU1TC0Zcrjrq03 If you are interested in becoming a bicycle pick-up volunteer: goo.gl/forms/T1tkdmyYh3L4XN593

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FYE Mentor selection for next year (2017-18) is underway! For a detailed position description and instructions on how to be considered, please refer to the FYE Mentor Selection page:
Questions can be directed to Gwen Nuss, FYE Mentor Program Coordinator, at gwen.nuss@coloradocollege.edu. Thank you!

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Are you a first-year interested in learning more about classes here at CC? Curious about other students’ academic experiences? Come to Gaylord Hall in Worner on March 5 from 3-5 PM to talk to FYE Mentors and other fellow students across disciplines to gain Inside Insight about courses on campus. This is a student-run, student-only event. Come by for free food and snacks!

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Kaplan is holding a free MCAT Challenge on campus in collaboration with GlobeMed!! The free MCAT Challenge will be held on Thursday, March 2nd in Gaylord Hall in Worner. The MCAT challenge will begin at 12:00 PM. You MUST register for the event. You can also register right before the event. Register here: bit.ly/ccmcatspring2017
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Join GlobeMed for a splashin’ fun water polo tournament! Make teams of 6-8 in Worner, with an entry fee of $5/person. Snacks are provided, and a $100 cash prize will be awarded to the team who comes in first place! Event will be in the Schlessman Pool from 1-3PM on Saturday, March 4th.
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Monument Creek is a great natural asset to our community, what can be done to reimagine our relationship with the creek to enrich our campus? The State of the Rockies Project, in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability and Innovation @ CC, invites Steve Rothstien, ED of the Greenway Fund, to speak about his work in reconnecting people with local water. Afterwards, we will share a new initiative to realize Campus Master Plan goals of more closely integrating the campus community with the creek. RSVP @ bit.ly/2l8s8of

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Study in Italy Block 3 – Art and Power Information meeting March 6th at 3pm in Palmer 223 HY 200: Art and Power Using late medieval, Renaissance, and modern Italy as cases, the course explores the interactions of power and art. It examines how images, structures, and urban design reflect structures of power, and how the powerful deploy
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CC Grants in Writing provides funding to juniors interested in block and summer writing projects. Application forms and instructions are available on the English Department website (under “Resources for Students – All College Awards”) and in the English Department office (Armstrong 245). Past years’ winning proposals can be read in the English Department office. Application deadline is Monday, March 13 at 2:00 p.m.

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