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Welcome to join the last Anthropology Talk of this semester with Satish Kumar on “Toward an Era of Ecology and Imagination: Heartening Words in Trying Times.” Kumar is a former monk and well-known peace and environment activist. This event is happening on Monday, May 15, at 12:30pm in Olin Lecture 1.
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Students converse on the state of design on campus with FOOD. Come and see what the Integrative Design Group (IDG) is and can be with your involvement. The group’s goal is to serve as a student focus group for design issues on campus ranging from graphics to urban planning, CORNERSTONE 301 on.Thursday, May12, at 2pm

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The school year is coming to a close, have you made plans for summer? Colorado College’s Summer Session is offering over 40 courses during Block A and Block B, ranging from Film to Environmental Science to Philosophy. Fulfill a critical perspective, use your Wild Card, and spend your summer in Colorado. Summer 2017 Dates Block A: May 31-June 23 Block B: June 26-July 20 Feel free to email with questions, or stop by our office in Armstrong Hall 219.

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In the contemporary, globalized world, religions travel and interact in seemingly unprecedented ways. This course explores one implication of these developments: the phenomenon of multiple religious belonging, in which two or more religions are claimed or practiced by a single person. Tracing how commonplace religious blending has been historically and cross-culturally, we interrogate why it appears so novel, and to some so scandalous, in the modern West. Taught by Professors Gardiner and Premawardhana in Block 1 of Fall 2017.

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Have you ever contemplated a career in social services? This is your chance to test the waters and identify goodness of fit as well as explore a wide variety of career trajectories.
GS222: Innovations in Social Work (Block A)
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The Marian House Soup Kitchen needs volunteers THIS WEEEKEND (the 13th/14th)! Where: 14 W. Bijou St. Description: Currently 8 Volunteers are needed for the following shifts: Saturday: 7am to 10am prep, 10am to 1:15pm food service or full day, 7am to 1:15pm …. Sunday 14 May 2017 7am to 11am shift. Please contact the volunteer office to get scheduled and send the registration form: 7198666286,

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