Do you play a musical instrument? Have you always wanted to? The CC Music Department offers private lessons on piano, guitar, voice, and all orchestral and band instruments as well as group piano, guitar, and voice. Registration is now open and will continue until the end of week 2 of Block 1. New and returning students are invited to come to Packard 116 for more information and to sign up now! Office hours are 8:30-4:30, M-F.

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Auditions for the CC Chamber Chorus will be held on August 31 and September 1, by appointment. Come by Packard Hall Room 136 to sign up!
This select group of 24-32 voices performs repertoire that includes works from the Middle Ages to the present day, both a cappella and with instruments. Performance opportunities vary each semester, to include full-length independent concerts and combined projects with other ensembles. The 2017-2018 Schedule will be available at the time of the auditions.
Rehearsals are Tuesdays 4:00-5:30 on the Packard Hall Stage AND two Mondays each Block 4:00-5:30 in the CAC Flex Room. (Monday scheduling has some flexibility for the individual singer.) Extra rehearsals scheduled as needed in concert weeks. The first rehearsal is Tuesday, September 5.
QUESTIONS? Email Deborah Teske

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The Colorado College Choir, under the direction of Deborah Teske, is composed of students, faculty, staff and members of the community. The choir presents concerts each year with orchestra in Shove Chapel. For the 2017-2018 academic year, the choir will be offered first semester only. The Choir’s goals are the study and polished performance of works from the great choral/orchestral literature, as well as occasional unaccompanied works, and representing as wide an historical range as possible.

Rehearsals are Monday afternoons 4:00-5:30 in the Cornerstone Arts Center Flex Room.
First Rehearsal for 2017- Monday, August 28
In each concert week, additional rehearsals with orchestra are called from 7:30-10:00 p.m.

Everyone is welcome and no audition is required. Join by purchasing the music in the bookstore and attending a rehearsal. Membership closes on the fourth Monday of Block 1. QUESTIONS? Email Deborah Teske

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The Departments of Anthropology and Race, Ethnicity & Migration Studies are excited to host visiting professor Dr. Eshe Lewis for the Block 2 course entitled “African Descendants in the Caribbean and Latin America.” *May meet either the Critical Perspectives: Global Cultures or Social Inequality requirement*

This course compares the experience of diverse groups of the African Diaspora across the Caribbean and Latin America. Topics include: the legacy of slavery and contemporary labor processes; conceptualizing the “Africa” in Afro-Latinx and Afro-Caribbean cultures; maroons and other communities of resistance; racialization; variable construction of racial categories and racism; nation-building; gender and sexuality; restitutive measures (e.g. reparations, educational quotas); relevant regional religious practices (e.g. prominent black Catholic saints, Candombl√©, Umbanda, Voudoun, Santeria, Rastafarianism).

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Topics in History:
20th Century Europe:

Mass Culture, Counterculture, and the Avant-garde in Postwar Europe –

This course examines the production, critique, and transformation of mass culture in postwar Western Europe. Although it focuses primarily on France and West Germany, the course makes occasional forays into the U.K., Italy, and the Netherlands. Drawing from anthropological theories of ritual, symbolic communication, and performance, the course contends that postwar mass culture was much more than a form of entertainment for the masses; it functioned as a horizon of meaning, a set of practices and beliefs that structured the rhythms of everyday existence. After exploring some of the “dreamworlds” of postwar mass culture, the course shifts into an examination of the diverse attempts to subvert and transform the mass cultural “habitus,” ranging from the theoretical critiques of figures like Herbert Marcuse, to the countercultural practices of groups like the Situationists, to the intimate fantasies on display at the conference of furries.


For further information, contact Jake Smith (

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Never thought you could be an opera singer? Do you see yourself fronting a band at Llama or having your own show in Shove?? Have a leading role in a musical??? Want to take names in the CC Choir????

We can help! Come on over to Packard 116 and talk to us in the Music Dept. If you’re ready to go – sign up for voice lessons! Unsure? Want a low-risk, low-cost option? Sign up for voice class!

Questions: Dan Fosha, x6550, Packard 105,

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The first PLAY READING GROUP of the Fall will read short plays by the Great, and sadly Late, S A M S H E P A R D – one of the real very unique greats of the modern American theatre he died from ALS just a few weeks ago – so this PLAY READING GROUP will be in a way a small commemoration of his work – and particularly his remarkable early work………

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Interested in Russia/ Russian Language / Culture / Politics / News? —> Come to the Russian Tea tomorrow (Thursday) to get to know each other, stay turned for the latest Russian news and influence next topics raised at the next Russian Tea events.
Russian bliny (pancakes) and Tea from Russia are provided!
Tomorrow, Russian (Mullett) House, 3.30pm.

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Join us tomorrow, Wednesday August 30th at 12:15 for the first Shove Council of the year in Sacred Grounds in Shove!

Shove Council is a noncommittal lunch discussion group. We meet everyday Wednesday (except during fourth week) to talk, eat a nourishing and *FREE* lunch, and rest between all of the activities that pull us away. Have lab? Getting out of class late? No worries, we will always welcome you and understand if you have to leave early.

So, come! Pick out your very own plate and eat a meal with us!

This week we will be talking about the idea of the ‘seasonal self’ and how in new spaces and places we integrate our past and current selves.

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