“Laudato Si’: How Pope Francis Enlists St. Francis of Assisi to Understand Climate Change”
A presentation by Professor J. Matthew Ashley (University of Notre Dame, Department of Theology)
The Screening Room, Cornerstone 131
TODAY!! Thursday, March 29, 2018
7:00 p.m.

Living in a distant age, Saint Francis of Assisi seems hardly an apt guide for making the difficult economic and political decisions required of us, or solving the complex scientific and technological problems that arise as we face global climate change and other environmental challenges. Yet, face them we must, for the sake of future generations. Why did Pope Francis begin and end his encyclical by pointing to the poor man of Assisi? How can the spiritual traditions he inspired help us be both more hard-headed and realistic, and also more hopeful and joyful, as we confront this growing crisis? Using the lens of Christian spirituality and of Francis of Assisi in particular, this lecture will explore Laudato Si’ and the approach it offers to our environmental challenges. Coffee will be available in the Great Hall just outside the Screening Room.

Sponsored by:
University of Notre Dame Hesburgh Lecture Series
Notre Dame Club of Colorado Springs
Colorado College Paul Frederick Sheffer Fund for Roman Catholic Studies

Please contact Mike Siddoway (msiddoway@coloradocollege.edu) if you have any questions. Here’s a link to the Campus Calendar:


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