SP311 Spanish Theater Workshop BLOCK 1, 2018
Students will study several Spanish language plays, and will produce and perform one play under faculty supervision. Students will become familiar with acting techniques, practice diction and articulation, and will engage in all aspects of the creative process. The course will culminate in staging a play. The course will be co-taught between Prof. Carrie Ruiz and Visiting Artist Susana Torres Romero, who is a director and actor from Soria, Spain. NO prior acting experience necessary.

Through this courses students will:
-work closely with a Spanish artist
-attain a high level of performance in Spanish
-be highly engaged in all aspects of the creative process
-improve all Spanish language competencies, particularly speaking
Pre-requisite: SP 201or equivalent
If you have questions contact Prof. Carrie Ruiz at carrie.ruiz@coloradocollege.edu

Posted by tlatimer@coloradocollege.edu for the May 12, 2018 digest.

Every year I produce around 4 independent very different ‘rogue’ theatre productions, that appear in a wide variety of venues around the campus, under the banner fAIL bETTER pRODUCTIONS and cast each one from people I know….BUT I want to be able to cast from as many people as possible so…..if you’re interested in being in one please come to a brief MEETING TODAY at 12.15pm in CORNERSTONE 303….Thoughts for shows in 18/19 include HAMLET and WASTED (by British spoken word performer/writer Kate Tempest)….no experience or lots – doesnt matter – just come along!

Posted by amanley@coloradocollege.edu for the May 11, 2018 digest.

And the play for the last Play Reading Group of the year is…..T H E~~V E N E T I A N~~T W I N S – a classic 17th century farce by Carlo Goldoni : “DEADLY SERIOUS PREPOSTEROUSNESS – IF YOU’RE IN THE MOOD FOR A SLICE OF PRIME-QUALITY DAFTNESS THEN GOLDONI’S OUTRAGEOUS COMEDY OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU”……….TODAY 5pm CORNERSTONE 303 complete with free Pizza (well it is an Italian play!) and the best Pop money can buy…..Everyone Welcome!

Posted by amanley@coloradocollege.edu for the May 11, 2018 digest.