The Art History offerings for Spring 2019 have been substantially revised. The two-block western surveys of Art History have been eliminated and new courses have been added. These changes do not appear in the printed course schedule, but are available in Banner. Please make a note of the following courses that do not appear in the printed schedule. See link below for course descriptions.

HALF BLOCK CLASS – AH200 Topics in Art History: From Shock Tactics to Social Action: Contemporary Art Since 1989, Jessica Hunter-Larsen

BLOCK 5 – AH200 Topics: Leonardo, Michelangelo & Raphael: A Renaissance of Ideas, Victoria Ehrlich

BLOCK 5 – AH241 Art and Revolution: Europe in the Nineteenth Century, Gale Murray

BLOCK 6 – AH115 The Western Tradition from Ancient to Early Renaissance, Victoria Ehrlich

BLOCK 7 – AH116 The Western Tradition from High Renaissance to Modern Times,
Gale Murray

Additional information and course descriptions can be found here:

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