HALF BLOCK TH200 Topics in Theatre: ACTING & DIRECTING FOR THE CAMERA. My most taught half block course – a crash practical course on all aspects of acting for the camera AND directing actors for the camera
BLOCK 5 TH304/DA304 Advanced Performance: TANZTHEATER. This will be the third time Patrizia Heminjard and I have taught this class. An introduction to the unique combination of theatre & dance as pioneered by Pina Bausch. Lots of background stuff, films etc but a focus on YOU creating pieces of DanceTheatre. The only theater and dance class in the theatre and dance department!
BLOCK 8 TH330 Performance Away: LONDON. 20+ shows of every possible type (theatre, dance, circus, opera, stand-up comedy, experimental etc) plus backstage tours & museum/art gallery visits plus trips to Stratford & Brighton. Plus everything else that the world’s greatest performance capital has to offer.

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