RM200/TH200 Experiential Methods for Community Engagement (Block 6: Social Inequality pending)

This course offers theoretical and practical tools rooted particularly in social justice theater praxis and somatics for facilitating group processes aimed at both personal and social transformation. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of Theatre of the Oppressed and Playback Theatre and learn psychodramatic approaches for addressing trauma and addiction. We will share stories, dialogue, and improvise with our whole selves culminate in engagement with a relevant local organization.

Visiting Professor Joyce Lu from Pomona College teaches contemporary drama and performance. She specializes in Applied Theater, movement, Asian and Asian American performance, with expertise in guiding people to devise autobiographical, self-revelatory work. A certified Feldenkrais Method practitioner, she dances with Body Weather Laboratory in Los Angeles and Christine Germain & Dancers in the Bay Area.

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