Hi Sharon –

I hope you’re doing well. Thanks for the newsletter, it’s great to see what the program and the people are up to! I wanted to ask for your assistance in passing along some information to the EV Program and the rest of the undergraduate body at CC.

I graduated from Western Colorado University’s Master in Environmental Management program in 2016, having focused my research on climate change adaptation on public lands. The MEM program provides tremendous opportunities within Colorado, throughout the US, and globally, to engage with working professionals, public and private organizations, and other academics on critical environmental issues. It was a great experience and I am happy to pass along info to encourage CC students to check it out. I know I was the first of at least 2 CC students to graduate from the program (Julia Nave, 2010/Geology, being the other). While I completed the program while living in Gunnison, a distance option is available. Many funding opportunities are available. I’m currently working for the state of Massachusetts in the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. I would be happy to discuss the program with anyone interested, but I would encourage interested students to reach out directly to the Dead of the School for Environment and Sustainability and mastermind of the MEM program, Dr. John Hausdoerffer. His message re: the program is copied here:

“The Master in Environmental Management program at Western Colorado University is now accepting applications for emphases in Sustainable & Resilient Communities, Integrative & Public Land Management, and Global Sustainability. Students may complete the degree from Western’s Rocky Mountain ‘learning laboratory’ in Gunnison, CO or from any sustainability commitment in the world. Check out the program at na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.western.edu%2Fmem&data=02%7C01%7CStudentDigest%40coloradocollege.edu%7Cc62e6ed5609f45473e9e08d65612fc93%7Ccfc7b13c12964387b3085de08fd13c9… A MS in Ecology is also available (mbenoit@western.edu)”

Any thoughts on how best to disseminate this to the EV program and the rest of CC, if possible? The program appeals well to EV students, but certainly students from other disciplines as well.

Many thanks for your assistance. Cheers

John Gioia, class of 2010

Posted by sajohnson@coloradocollege.edu for the November 30, 2018 digest.

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