Study and travel with us in the Mt. Everest region of the Himalaya this coming summer (Block A) in EV120 Himalayan Odyssey. The course is promising to be a dynamic, positive, life-changing experience 🙂 Interested students, please identify yourself by emailing the professors: Brot Coburn ( and Miro Kummel ( We will send you a course syllabus and discuss with you the application process/help you apply. Please note that Miro is now in rural Costa Rica and Belize and is not available until Dec. 8, so Brot is the key contact person until then.

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The next CC Contact Improvisation jam is happening this Saturday, December 1, in Cossitt South Studio from 11-1! Contact is a form for that welcomes everybody, and a great way to get moving, connect with people, be silly, mindful–whatever you need. Beginners are welcome, and we will have a very short guided section at the start of the jam as part of the warm up.
We strive to make an inclusive, consent-oriented space. Please come and feel welcomed. Please bring friends; share with others; we like your energy.

We’re excited to see you and connect with you through this dance form. –The CCCI Core Members.

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On Wednesday, December 5th from 6:00-7:30pm in the Tutt Library Event Space, the Butler Center will be hosting a LGBTQIA+ Student and Faculty/Staff Dinner. The purpose of this event is to meaningfully connect and build community between LGBTQIA+ identified students and LGBTQIA+ identified faculty and staff. If you are interested in attending this event, please RSVP to Noble Gough at by Monday, December 3rd at 5:00pm. Please include any dietary restrictions in your RSVP.

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SAA aims to foster the relationship between students, alumni, and the campus community. We invite you all to join us for a fun and casual holiday celebration where we will enjoy hot cocoa, apple cider, and cookies while getting to know each other!

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Emotional Modernity: The Melodramatic Imagination in Contemporary Latin American Texts and Media

Prof: José Miguel Herbozo Duarte, Ph.D.

Mostly understood as a synonym for formulaic sentimentality, melodrama has been also, since its origins in late eighteenth century street theatre, a mode of interpreting social struggles after emotions. This course offers an introduction to the study of the melodramatic mode and its presence in Latin American fiction and film from the late 19th century until our days. Among other sources, analysis of Argentinean, Bolivian, Chilean, Colombian, Cuban, Mexican and Peruvian fictional and non fictional texts, excerpts from TV shows, popular music, and movies will allow the student to identify that melodrama exceeds the realm of sentimental entertainment, construing understandings and representations of epochal change, social mobility, and multiple forms of violence. With the study of these materials, this course aims to show how violent interactions are legitimized, normalized, or sanctioned after specific ideological purposes; and how emotional interpretations of experience -often considered spontaneous, morally good, and sincere- are products of historical techniques and tropes that result from the negotiation among emergent and established traditions.

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Senegal Program now open for registration:
Program dates: 1 summer Block, June 8 to July 2, 2019
Tuition: $4,600 (or Wild Card)
Program Fee: $3,975 + airfare


Dear Students/Chers (es) étudiants (es):

This is to inform you that the Senegal Program for summer of 2019 is open for registration on Summit.

You may apply for financial aid towards the program December 3. Please remember that money is dispensed on a first come -first serve basis (questions on this, please contact the office Global Studies).

Important dates to remember:

November 27: Summer Study Abroad Fair in Worner, noon to 2:00pm
December 3: financial aid application for off-campus courses opens at 7:00am
December 10: aid awards announced to students
December 10: Banner enrollment for summer opens (online)

Interested students can take one of the two following two courses offered in the program: FR201 (language) or GS236/FR317

The following is a summary of some of the learning opportunities in the program.

Quick Program/course descriptions and Credits

Students can register into either:

FRENCH 201 (Intermediate French I, 1 block)
– Taught by Professor Nene Diop.

Study French language immersed in local Francophone culture. Participate in the Study of French/Francophone African cultures and acquire inter-cultural skills in a non-western setting.


GS 236/FR317/CO200: (Taught in English with possibility of French or Comparative Literature credits):

Study West African Cultures through lecture-discussions in short formal sessions and live on field trips.

.Students in both sections will be immersed within welcoming families and local hybridized and indigenous people’s cultures.

.Experience personal growth through close interactions with Senegalese families (homestay), expert lectures-discussions by professors, researchers, novelists/writers from The University Cheikh A. Diop and the West African Research Center (Dakar).
.Experience artistic hands-on learning by taking Batik, Sand painting and Senegalese Dance through workshops by local artists.
.Experience the emotional tragic journeys of the Atlantic Slave Trade and of Western Colonialism through visits to Goree Island (Slave Island off of the coast of Dakar),
.Saint-Louis of Senegal (northern city, ex-capital of French Colonialism in West Africa);
. Spend 3 days in Toubab Dialaw (a small rustic ocean-side resort) built by Famous Haitian expat Sculptor/novelist and Playwright Gerard Chenet,…
. Read and discuss local literature, history and learn about the multiple relevance and resonances of cultural connectedness between Africa and America, between Africa and the rest of the world.

. Seize this unique opportunity to apply yourselves in a Non-Western Culture.

+ CC credits:

FR201, I unit counts towards The French/Francophone major, African Studies minor, language requirement.

GS 236/FR317/CO200: (taught in English)1 Unit H & Global Cultures, also counts towards the French minor, FR major, African Studies minor, etc.

Please, let us know of any questions.
Thank you

Ibrahima & Nene
…Images of Dakar , Senegal…

* : Images of Goree Island:…

Questions? Please contact:

Prof. Ibrahima Wade @
Phone ext.; 6629

Or Prof. Nene Diop @
Phone ext. : 6902

Thank you!

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Check out a brand-new Half Block: Radio Production. Join Andrea Chalfin from 91.5 KRCC for this week-long crash course in radio production. You’ll learn how to record high-quality audio; utilize Adobe Audition to layer voices, music, and sound; and complete a final project showcasing your skills. This course will be taught by KRCC’s Andrea Chalfin, whose award-winning work has been heard on NPR, The World (PRI), and the BBC.

This course is a great way to learn skills that could help you land an internship with a radio station or journalism outlet. Sign up through Summit: Student Life!

Did you know that about 70% of people have lost a computer storage device? Those files are then lost forever. Colorado College’s ITS: Solutions Center has your back. Come to Tech Tuesday today to learn more about OneDrive and help get it installed on your device for free at 3:30 PM in the Tech Sandbox.

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HALF BLOCK TH200 Topics in Theatre: ACTING & DIRECTING FOR THE CAMERA – a hands-on intensely practical class – using cameras from Day One – in the craft of acting for the camera and directing actors for the camera – no pre-requisites, for the experienced and the very inexperienced – FAST, FUN & CHALLENGING – the PERFECT HALF BLOCK CLASS!

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