1. Name 2 Butler Center Heads of State awards for diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Answer: Taizo Nakashima Emerging Leader Award, Outstanding Student Organization Award in Recognition of Contributions to the Development of Inter-cultural Understanding, Ginger Morgan Legacy Award for Feminist and/or LGBTQIA+ Initiatives, The Butler Group Student Organization Gold Award, The Frederick Roberts and Charles Jackson Outstanding Student Leader Award, The Theodore Roosevelt Collins Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award, The Rochelle T. Mason Award for an Outstanding Event Contributing to the Empowerment of Communities of Color (Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni, Student Organizations)

2. What is the name of the living/learning community in residential life that is also a programmatic initiative of the Butler Center?
Answer: The Enclave LLC

3. Name the two ways sophomores can be involved with the S.A.I.L Mentorship Program in the Butler Center.
Answer: S.A.I.L Mentoring Program, Sophomore Gatherings

4. What is the purpose of #imstaying?
Answer: It is an initiative to encourage students to participate in meaningful and holistic opportunities over extended and regular block breaks. We want students to feel inspired to share their experience(s) with their peers.

5. What is the Butler Center initiative that supports first generation college students?
Answer: First Generation Collegiate Program

Posted by ngough@coloradocollege.edu for the March 1, 2019 digest.

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