Every Monday from 3-5 pm swing by Innovation at CC for Creative Mondays!

We will have collaging materials, paint, paper, drawing materials, and more! The event is unstructured, so students may stay as long as they want and work on anything they want. So come by and doodle, experiment with materials, write, work on a sketchbook, take a break from your thesis (or get inspired for your thesis), start a side project, hangout, and mess around! No creative experience required.

And if you need ideas, Jane Hilberry, Professor of English and Creativity, will be there to help jumpstart your creative process.

3-5 pm at Innovation at CC (232 E. Cache la Poudre St.)

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The PEEPs (Prevention Education and Empowerment for Peers) are now holding open office hours in the Wellness Resource Center (Worner 226).

The PEEPs are trained students educators available to help you talk through wellness-related challenges and connect you to resources.

Drop by and say Hi!

Office Hours will be Tuesdays and Thursdays during Block 6 from 3-5PM.

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Friday, April 5, 2019 @ 2:30 pm

WES Room, Worner Center

Michelangelo’s Ingenious Mannerist Architecture: The Evolution of the Laurentian Library Vestibule

Catherine Kahler

Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait Etchings: An Investigation of Meanings and Purposes

Isabel Young

Degas’s Nudes and the Issue of His Misogyny

Leah Blumberg

Orientalism: Binaries, Identities and Representation

Suzy Lewis

Islamic Material Culture in Contemporary Western Museums

Amber Mustafic

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AH 200 – Topics in Art History: Turn of the Century Art of London, Paris & Vienna

Artistic and related intellectual, social and cultural developments in three important capitals of Europe circa 1880-1910. We will investigate the impact on art of this age of uncertainty and transition from traditional to modernist points of view, following themes of degeneration and decadence, anxiety and the inner life, and the preoccupation with sexuality, especially androgyny and the fatal woman. The class will examine a number of artists in depth, including Toulouse-Lautrec and Redon in Paris; Klimt and Schiele in Vienna; Burne-Jones and Beardsley in London. We will consider their work in relation to Freud, Schopenhauer, and Oscar Wilde, among others, as well as their repudiation of Victorian morals.

More Info:


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Another CPR class is happening second Sunday of 7th block, April 7th, from 6-10pm in the ORC!

If you need to get certified in CPR & First Aid, may work as an NSO leader this year, or want to learn how to save a life sign up at the link below:


Please email me if you have any questions @ w_serling@coloradocollege.edu.

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This Block Spesso Espresso comes early! On Wednesday from 2PM to 3PM, stop by the Italian House for some pastries and coffee!
Additionally, if you would like to live in the Italian House next year and you missed our first Open House, you’ll have another chance to visit the house and check out the rooms. A mercoled√≠!

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The AIT program in Budapest has quickly become one of the most popular math and computer science study abroad programs for CC students. Many classes are pre-approved to transfer directly back to major requirements at CC, in the beautiful European capital city of Budapest. Come learn more about the program at this pizza lunch TODAY in Tutt Science 122 at 12:15pm!

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