Registration is still open for guests to attend the 16th Annual Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum (CSURF) through Sunday, March 31, 2019. The event will be held on the University of Colorado Colorado Springs’ campus on Saturday, April 6, 2019. CSURF is an opportunity for undergraduate students from Colorado College, Pikes Peak Community College, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and the United States Air Force Academy to present their research or creative works. Please visit… to register as a guest now! Contact Lisa Schwartz, with questions.

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A play like you’ve never experienced before!<--->a motor-mouthed collage of spoken word and storytelling…a spiraling odyssey of pitch-black humor and nightmarish prose.a prime slice of surrealist trash and an Americana death trip<--->CC Alum SOEREN WALLS returns to perform in a (final) fAIL bETTER pRODUCTION directed by ANDREW MANLEY<--->THIS IS HOW WE DIE

by Christopher Brett Bailey<--->

TODAY at 8.00pm in Studio C CORNERSTONE<--->“Amazing, Funny, Brutal – You Name It”- Time Out

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Many students know that they should negotiate their salary before accepting a job. But did you know that you can also negotiate your benefits?

Join Executive-in Residence Kyle Samuel ’92, President of M&T Insurance Agency and Senior Vice President of M&T Bank, for “A CC Student’s Guide to Negotiating Total Compensation”. Kyle will discuss all of the soft benefits that companies offer their employees – from health insurance and paid vacation days to student loan repayment – and how you can feel empowered to lobby for the benefits you want.

RSVP on Handshake! Thursday, April 4, 12:15pm in Gates Common Room. Lunch provided.

The great American playwright (and actor and writer) SAM SHEPARD began by writing extraordinary short plays – strange surreal exciting plays like no-one had ever written before that astonished the theatre world….TODAY’S PLAY READING GROUP will read a few of them….whilst enjoying Free PIZZA and Free POP……All this at 5pm in CORNERSTONE…….EVERYONE WELCOME!

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CC Alum SOEREN WALLS returns to perform in a (final) fAIL bETTER pRODUCTION directed by ANDREW MANLEY:::::: THIS IS HOW WE DIE

by Christopher Brett Bailey <><><>

a motor-mouthed collage of spoken word and storytelling, tales of paranoia and young love…a spiraling odyssey of pitch-black humor and nightmarish prose.a prime slice of surrealist trash, an Americana death trip and a dizzying exorcism for a world convinced it is dying.<><><>

TODAY at 8.00pm in CORNERSTONE <><><>

Entry Free

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Need to take a breather after a busy week? We know the spot for you! Board Game Club happens informally every Friday evening in upstairs Worner. Stop by tonight if you want to play a game or two – no weekly commitment necessary! We’ll be there beginning at 7:45pm. Feel free to email with any questions. Looking forward to playing some games with you!

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* Spend Fall 2019 in Florence & Rome! * /
* No Extra Course Fees * /
* Fulfill Gen Ed Requirements (Writing Intensive, Social Inequality, & Language) * /
* Benefit from Full Semester Cultural Immersion * ____

FLORENCE – Block 1: Sep 1-20 – ED250: Intellectual Curiosity and the Scientific Revolution (WI) / Blocks 2-3: Sep 23-Nov 15 – IT200 (Meets the CC Language Requirement) ____

ROME – Block 4: Nov 18-Dec 11 – RE 200/HY200: Martyrs and Saints (Meets the Social Inequality Perspective) ____

If interested, please contact Prof. Mike Taber ( or Prof. Pam Reaves ( before March 30 ____

ED250: Intellectual Curiosity and the Scientific Revolution (WI) / Prof. Mike Taber / The goal of the course is to examine scientific discoveries from the Age of Discovery to Postmodernity that advanced the sub-disciplines in science and the subsequent influences on European and American educational systems. As a writing intensive course, the emphasis is on writing to learn through analysis of historical biographies combined with museum experiences. Set in Florence, Italy this course examines the great scientific advances in geography, archeology, astronomy, chemistry, medicine, physics, mathematics, and industry from the 17th Century to the 21st Century, and how those advances transformed western educational systems, a critical element in nation building. [CC Writing Intensive] ____

IT200: Italian / Eight weeks of intensive Italian classes taught at Linguaviva in Florence. Courses are designed for students who wish to improve their Italian language either for general use or for their study or work. Teachers use a range of teaching techniques including whole class teaching and group and pair work. When students have successfully completed your course you can ask for a Linguaviva certificate showing the length of the course and the language level achieved. [Meets CC Language Requirement] ____

RE 200/HY 200: Martyrs & Saints / Prof. Pamela Reaves / Based in Rome, Italy, this course centers on martyrs and saints in the Christian tradition. We will begin by exploring the development of martyrdom in the early church, particularly in the context of the Roman Empire. Specifically, through an examination of imperial interests and spaces, including the Roman arena, we will consider evidence for persecution. Through early Christian accounts of and reflections on martyrdom, we will also consider how early Christians both rely on and resist imperial culture. In addition, attention to Christian beginnings in Rome will involve a study of the legacies of the apostles Paul and Peter, including Roman Catholic memorials at the Vatican, most prominently St. Peter’s Basilica. We will also examine transitions from martyrdom to sainthood, related, in part, to an imperial turn to favor Christianity during the fourth century under the emperor Constantine. Our consideration of martyrs and saints will also reflect on representations of gender and related attributions of authority. Our historical study will be especially attentive to ways in which Christian communities construct and memorialize-through literature, art, and space-martyrs and saints. This approach will align with our focus on material culture, including sacred spaces and visual representations, in Rome and the surrounding regions. Site visits may include attending regional festivals devoted to celebrations of saints; such experiences will offer further insight on the persistence and development of traditions over time, from antiquity to the present. [Meets CC Critical Perspective: Social Inequality]

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The PEEPs (Prevention Education and Empowerment for Peers) are now holding open office hours in the Wellness Resource Center (Worner 226).

The PEEPs are trained students educators available to help you talk through wellness-related challenges and connect you to resources.

Drop by and say Hi!

Office Hours will be Tuesdays and Thursdays during Block 6 from 3-5PM.

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