Candace Woods’13, Chaplains’ Office Fellow will share part of her spiritual journey and the role of meaning making in her life THIS Thursday 5/2 in Sacred Grounds at 12:15 p.m. Come listen to her interesting story over lunch and honor her time with the Chaplains’ Office this year. For more information contact You can also look at the fb event and rsvp
at :…

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Rethinking the Damaged Photograph: Images Altered by Hurricanes Katrina & Sandy

Artist Talk by Visiting Art Professor Hannah Ryan

Thursday, May 2 @ 4 p.m.

Cornerstone Screening Room 131

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, and among the thousands of structures in its path was the studio of New Orleans photographers Keith Calhoun and Chandra McCormick. Both born and raised in the Lower Ninth Ward, the duo had been documenting the culture of Louisiana for decades, increasingly with an eye toward injustice. As the waters receded, Calhoun and McCormick gained reentry to their studio, only to find everything-from equipment to negatives-ruined. As the city recovered, they embarked upon an innovative process of making prints from the damaged negatives, the resultant photographs impossibly catching and freezing in time this destructive event. Calhoun and McCormick generated a series and entitled it “Right to Return.” The process and resultant images have altered their perception of destruction, and they no longer consider the images damaged.

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Wednesday, May 1 @ 3:30 pm

WES Room, Worner Center

Koichi Yamamoto, associate professor of art at the University of Tennessee, merges traditional and contemporary techniques to develop unique and innovative approaches to the language of printmaking. Yamamoto’s prints explore issues of the sublime, memory, and atmosphere and range from small, meticulously engraved copper plates to large monotypes. He will be working with printmaking students to create kites made from intaglio prints. Then, as Yamamoto says, “if there is wind, they’ll fly.”

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American Face-Plant: What the Hell Went Wrong and How to Fix It – Adam Garfinkle

Friday, May 3rd, Palmer 17, 12:15PM – Lunch will be provided!!

Some of what ails American politics-from which the
election of the incumbent President is a symptom far
more than a cause-lives at the level of institutions
the names of which we know. But the real sources of
our troubles lie deeper in the culture in trends many
of which are decades in the making. What are these
trends, and from them can a unified field theory of
our dilemma be constructed?
Adam Garfinkle is Founding Editor of “The American
Interest” (2005-2018) and the author or editor of
over a dozen books, including “Broken: American
Political Dysfunction & How to Fix it”.

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How will you answer an emergency call? How about learning hands only CPR in a flash? The World CPR Challenge will be on campus tomorrow from 11:30 to 2:00 at Worner. In just a matter of minutes you can learn and practice skills that can save a life. Help us reach our hundred hand goal. Continuous training-no registration required. Free!

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