It’s Earth Week! There will be a trash peak on Worner lawn, a lecture by Diana Liverman, the Regents Professor of Geography and Development, and tons of other events! Check out the Office of Sustainability website ( and social media (Facebook: Colorado College Office of Sustainability) for info and updates about Earth Week!

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The goal of this workshop is to help students develop a deeper knowledge of self, an important step in creating meaningful partnerships across lines of difference. This workshop is designed to help students learn how to build relationships across lines of difference, an important step in building effective movements and an essential skill for assembling political coalitions that can produce real change. TUESDAY, APRIL 30TH, 3:30-5pm, in the CCE House 1008 N. Weber REGISTER:

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Given that 1 in 5 cis women, 1 in 5 trans/gnc people, and 1 in 25 cis men in college have been sexually assaulted (statistics from RAINN), the chances are that sexual violence has impacted someone you know. Come to this workshop to learn best practices in trauma-informed care for supporting survivors of sexual violence, and working towards healing for both survivors and communities that have been affected.

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Come to Barnes Science Center 412 this Friday, April 26 to hear anthropology student Danny Lopez give a talk on his field work in Bali. The talk is titled “An Ethnography of Balinese Bands with an Emphasis on Navicular” and will begin at 12:15 p.m. Lunch will be served!

Come join the Anthropology department on Thursday April 25 in the McHugh Commons above the Preserve for an afternoon of presentations, posters, and lunch. Seniors will be giving brief presentations on their research, followed by an open poster session. The event runs from 12-3pm.

Ella Axelrod – The Dead Man’s Cave Gulch Box: Strategies for Historic Caches

Yingru Chen – Migrant Workers in Precarity:Transitioning into a Post-Socialist and Neoliberalist Environment in Shenzhen, China

Breanna Conwell – The ‘Transferability’ of Food: Exploring Food as a Vector for the Exchange of Cross-Cultural Relationships and Life Histories at Colorado College

Audrey Dervarics – Dictated by Disease: Increased susceptibility of immigrants in 17th Century Maryland due to new pathogenic environment

Yuxuan Feng – Transformation from Socialism to Post-Socialism in China’s Industrial Rustbelt: The Past, Present, and Future as a Möbius Loop

Trevor Hightower – Reflections at Colorado College

Nikki Mills – Archaeologist-Private Collector Collaborations: A Student Perspective

Sophia Pray – De-Mystifying the Gender-Based Violence Discourse
A Linguistic Analysis of Public Reception to Historically Prominent Male Perpetrators

Ziyu Zhao – Making and Remaking Shangrila: The Confrontation and Negotiation between Tibetan Cultural Preservation and State-Sponsored Tourism

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The Library Partners will be continuing our “Last Lecture” series with History Professor Susan Ashley.

After reflecting on what matters to them, each speaker will give a hypothetical “last lecture,” conveying whatever insights they want to impart to the world as a culmination of their thinking on the topic of their choosing.

Mark your calendars for this Friday in the Tutt Library Data Viz area at 3:30. A reception will follow.

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