Experience Empower Con! On Thursday and Friday from 11:30 until 2:00pm resources and vendors will provide information in Worner which will allow you to act as an agent of our communal safety. Register for prize drawings and pick up swag! Prowler will be making an appearance! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet with both CC and community resources.

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Come to the French House (Haskell House) tomorrow Monday 09/02 at 2pm to practice speaking French, to spend some time at the French House, or simply to eat delicious croissants, cakes and drink coffee!

I will also be there to answer any question regarding the French adjunct classes. Bring your friends even if they don’t speak French!

À demain !

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The CCE, in collaboration with the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission, is looking to build a team of dedicated students to help with an archival project. PPJPC is celebrating their 40th anniversary and has 40 years of physical and digital materials that need to be organized, preserved, and shared with the community.
Training for the project will begin 1st block, with the majority of the hands-on work taking place across the school year. Please contact Arielle Gordon (a_gordon@coloradocollege.edu) with any questions.

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Want to make a difference in high school students’ ife? TESLA Mentors is a Colorado College, student runned organization that does just that. We work with students at TESLA high school to help them improve academicaly and personally. Interested? Look for our table at the Student Club Fair or contact the co-chairs at k_iruegas@coloradocollege.edu or at c_kaplan@coloradocollege.edu.

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Mark your calendars for this exciting event with one of the top consulting firms in the world.

What: Bain & Co Recruiting Day
When: September 13th, 2019
Who: Students interested in a Management Consulting post graduate career
How: Register here – nam04.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcoloradocollege.joinhandshake.com%2Fevents%2F341521&data=02%7C01%7CStudentDigest%40coloradocollege.edu%7Ceca20b295b98419d381208d72d8d1766%7…

Bain will be recruiting for an Associate Consultant position.
Join alumni and Bain Consultant, Riley Wyman to prepare for CC’s first Bain Recruiting Day. Riley will discuss her best practices in translating a liberal arts education to the Management Consulting world, walk you through a practice case interview, provide resume and interview tips and answer relevant questions.
Bain & Co is one of the world’s leading management consulting firms. Working with change-oriented executives to help them make better decisions, and converting those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success clients desire is their forte. Bain advises global leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities.

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Need to take a breather after a busy first week? We know the spot for you! Board Game Club happens informally every Friday evening in upstairs Worner. Stop by tonight if you want to play a game or two-no weekly commitment necessary! We’ll be there beginning at 7:45pm. Feel free to email e_merenstein@coloradocollege.edu with any questions. Looking forward to playing some games with you!

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