Call for Actors:

BEATRIZ described as “Cuban, darker skin” mother of OLIVIA who is described as “looks white”

Looking for Afro-Latinx, Latinx, Black American, or multi-racial actor to play BEATRIZ

Looking for Latinx actor to play OLIVIA

This is for a final scene project for the current Directing for the Stage block.

The performance will be Fourth Wednesday at 1-3 PM.

Commitment will be 4-6 rehearsals before the performance date of November 13.

The 13- 15 minute scene will be from Quiara Alegria Hudes’ play 26 Miles.

“The custody battle left them estranged for eight years. The road trip destination is two thousand miles across the country. The mother’s skin is brown, the teenage daughter’s, white. So what if reality’s nipping at their heels? This reunited pair runs fast and furious from the secrets in their lives, hunting valuable antiques, chasing arctic explorers, and getting lost in Wyoming’s wilderness.”

Open to all levels of experience and open to people who are interested in literature, film, creative writing, or anyone looking to step out of their major and perform. If interested please email

Deadline to reach out is this Wednesday to get started on rehearsals as soon as possible.

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