Come to our semi-annual GlobeMed Benefit Dinner! Eat delicious Thai food, listen to CC Bluegrass Ensemble, and learn about GlobeMed. All proceeds go towards our international partner organization, the Western Organization for People Living With HIV/AIDS (WOPLAH). WOPLAH is a local grassroots effort that works to destigmatize HIV/AIDS in Mumias, Kenya.

Tickets are available at the Worner desk for a suggested donation of $10/students and $20/staff and faculty for unlimited food & other goodies. Get your ticket while they last!!

***Bring a state-issued ID if 21+***

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What: CPR, First Aid & AED certification class
Why: To learn how to save lives, to become a Level I backcountry leader, to be a WSO or NSO leader, just cause!
When: Thursday, November 7th from 6pm – 10pm
Where: ORC

You can register at the link below:

Please feel free to email if you have any questions

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Call for Actors:

BEATRIZ described as “Cuban, darker skin” mother of OLIVIA who is described as “looks white”

Looking for Afro-Latinx, Latinx, Black American, or multi-racial actor to play BEATRIZ

Looking for Latinx actor to play OLIVIA

This is for a final scene project for the current Directing for the Stage block.

The performance will be Fourth Wednesday at 1-3 PM.

Commitment will be 4-6 rehearsals before the performance date of November 13.

The 13- 15 minute scene will be from Quiara Alegria Hudes’ play 26 Miles.

“The custody battle left them estranged for eight years. The road trip destination is two thousand miles across the country. The mother’s skin is brown, the teenage daughter’s, white. So what if reality’s nipping at their heels? This reunited pair runs fast and furious from the secrets in their lives, hunting valuable antiques, chasing arctic explorers, and getting lost in Wyoming’s wilderness.”

Open to all levels of experience and open to people who are interested in literature, film, creative writing, or anyone looking to step out of their major and perform. If interested please email

Deadline to reach out is this Wednesday to get started on rehearsals as soon as possible.

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Don’t miss out on applying for a PAID writing center consulting (tutoring) job! Applications are due this Thursday by the end of the day (midnight). Any questions? See me at the WC/QRC desk, 2nd floor Tutt library or visit our website:

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I am pleased to announce the visit of the Colombian writer to the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Colorado College. She’ll offer a talk entitled, “Feminine and ethnic approaches to Afuera crece un mundo” on November 1 at 2 pm at the Max Kade Theater and will share with the students of block 3. You are cordially invited!

In Afuera crece un mundo we are taken back to the 1840s in Colombia were several Maroons fight the abolition of slavery. Fernandez’s novel rescues Nay from the pages of Maria by Jorge Isaacs. This time she is the protagonist and narrator of her story and subverts the imaginary we have built on the black slave woman.

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Do you want to be part of a great team and plan campus events? If so, apply to Campus Activities!

The Office of Campus Activities is hiring interns to start in November. For more information, go to the job listing under student employment for more information.

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Preregistration for Spring Semester starts next week Monday, November 4th and will run thru Friday, November 22nd. Students will have 3 weeks to submit their Spring Preregistration under their Student tab in SSB. REMINDER: Students are required to enter their Preregistration Passcode obtained through their faculty advisor in order to officially complete Preregistration. Schedule your Preregistration advising session early! We will send out further instructions via email by the end of the week; please check your inbox for more information or visit the Registrar’s Office webpage!

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Political Science International Relations Job Candidate – Jordan Branch

Thurs, Oct. 31, 2:00PM, Palmer 128

“What’s in a Name: Metaphors and Job Security”

For more than a decade, the United States military has labeled “cyberspace” a domain of conflict, equal to land, sea, air, and outer space. How and why did this terminology emerge and become entrenched in U.S. doctrine? What are its effects? Focusing on the language of cybersecurity, I examine a specific type of metaphor, embedded in terminology, that unconsciously shapes arguments and policy. Unlike analogies and metaphors that are used instrumentally, these foundational metaphors implicitly support particular understandings of complex issues, provide discursive resources to certain arguments over others, and operate by being felt to be commonsensical and beyond debate. I then detail the emergence and consolidation of the foundational metaphor of “cyberspace” in U.S. strategy, revealing its particular connotations and effects. This metaphor has been essential to expanding the role of the military in cybersecurity, and specific interests within the Department of Defense have used “cyberspace” language to argue, successfully, for the creation of U.S. Cyber Command. The institutionalization of this terminology has implications for global cybersecurity cooperation, international law, and internet fragmentation.

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