On Wednesday, Oct. 30, members of the campaigns for the two statewide ballot initiatives will present and answer questions in Sacred Grounds in Shove Memorial Chapel from 2-3:30 p.m. Proposition CC is an initiative to let the government retain the TABOR refund to pay for schools and roads. Proposition DD is an initiative to legalize sports betting and use tax revenue to fund the Colorado Water Plan. BRING YOUR BALLOT!

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CHINESE FOOD!!! On Tuesday, Oct. 29, 6 of 8 candidates running for Colorado Springs District 11 School Board will participate in a forum in the Worner WES Room from 5:30-7 p.m. The school board has discretion over the implementation of new sex-ed requirements, universal pre-k, school safety measures, and charter school approval, among other school funding decisions. Dinner will be provided. BRING YOUR BALLOT!

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It’s voting time! Step 1: Grab a voting guide from a table in upstairs Worner. Step 2: Check your Worner Box. Step 3: Fill out your ballot. Step 4: Hand it in to the person sitting at the table! A CC student will deliver it to the polls when the table closes.
Not registered to vote? Take a ride to the polls with the person handing in ballots. Colorado has same day voter registration, so be sure to bring a ballot guide if you’re not sure what to vote for. Bring a valid form of ID (not CCID).

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Boo!! Spooky Dates and Debates is today!! Come to Tutt Event Space (Room 201) at 6:30 pm for some ~spooky~ political discourse, food and fun! And, yes! Costumes ARE encouraged. So whether you’re looking for a reason to wear another costume or are generally interested in positive political discourse, Dates and Debates is the event for you!

Dates and Debates is a blockly event hosted by the Political Science Advisory Committee (PSAC). The event is meant to foster positive political discourse by pairing individuals up in speed-dating-styled rounds. There is no political knowledge necessary as the questions being posed are opinion based. It is important that we all be active members of society and part of that is listening and discussing beliefs with others. We hope to see you there!

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Because rest is a sacred act. Come enjoy a half hour of bedtime yoga, lead by Eliza Hayse this Tuesday at 8:30! The event will take place in the side chapel, located to the right of the front doors inside Shove Chapel. Use this space to take a deep breath, relax, prepare for sleep, and recharge your energy as you enter week 2.

Contact d_mccann@coloradocollege.edu with any questions!!!

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Come and enjoy community and conversation over a sandwich bar at Shove Council, a student run discussion group Wednesdays at 12:15 p.m. in Sacred Grounds. This is a themed block: looking at liberation theology and the intersections between justice & spirituality.

For week 2 we will be discussing gender & sexuality, partnering with student group SOSS!

If you enjoy free flowing conversation, friendly people and topics that include dreams, social justice, and the meaning of life, you might enjoy stopping by. With questions, contact i_marshall@coloradocollege.edu or kholbrook@coloradocollege.edu.

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Applications are now open for Editor-in-Chief of The Catalyst. We are searching for students passionate about current and campus events who can lead a team of writers to create award-winning journalism. Applicants should have experience writing and editing for on-campus publications or extensive freelance experience. It is a paid position, and issues are published every Friday of the block. Contact a_gordon@coloradocollege.edu or m_brown@coloradocollege.edu for more information.

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Political Science Comparative Politics Job Candidate – Osman Balkan

Tues, Oct. 29, 3:00PM, Palmer 128

“Martyrs and Infidels: Corpse Politics in the Middle East”

In recent years many countries have faced dilemmas about what to do with the bodily remains
of individuals that commit violent acts within their borders. Across the Middle East and Europe,
a series of burial controversies have emerged in the aftermath of political violence and
terrorism. This talk will analyze the political afterlives of exceptional corpses through two case
studies: first, Turkey’s “Cemetery of Traitors” and its treatment of Kurdish dead, and second,
the burial and memorialization of the victims and perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in
France. I argue that determining where and how dead bodies are buried (or otherwise disposed
of and remembered) is a critical means through which states and other political actors
demarcate and challenge the boundaries of national, political, religious, and moral

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