Wait. Freshman year is [almost] over?

In LESS THAN A WEEK, I will no longer be a freshman.  Wait.  Did I just type that?  I will be done with my first year of college.  I never thought this would happen.

A rather short or long update (it’s all perception, you know).

This block I am in Inequality (my third class in the sociology department).  This particular course is taught by Jeff Livesay who is amazing.  On the first day of the block, Jeff (with his Mississippian accent) immediately dived into the topic material.  He immediately explained, “This class is about inequality.  More specifically, this is a course on class inequality.  The department teaches about gender and racial inequality, but this course doesn’t.”  I immediately thought, “this was the class I’ve been waiting for since I’ve arrived at CC.” It’s daunting to think that we live our lives in such routine without thinking beyond the “American Dream.”  Sure, I knew class inequality exists–just not to the levels of  inequality that this course explicitly criticizes.

RELAY FOR LIFE happened last Friday night!  Despite the rain and change of location to El Pomar gym, it was a fantastic event.  As part of the planning committee, I didn’t understand why were planning the event in October when the event wouldn’t take place until May.  I observed hundreds of CC students together at an event to “celebrate, remember, and fight back” (Relay For Life motto).  It was beautiful to see so many students walk the track from 7pm to 7am–they were devoted to see an end to this horrible disease.

In the back, there are luminaria bags that spell out CURE.

In the back, there are luminaria bags that spell out CURE.

This is the joint-team banner for our first lap!  Fanterriblastic!

This is the joint-team banner for our first lap! Fanterriblastic!

In TWO WEEKS, I will be in Paris!  I will be taking the Social History of Paris course this summer taught by Dean Susan Ashley and Tip Ragan.  I’ve been so focused on 8th block that I didn’t realize I will be in another country in fourteen days.  It’s absurd how quick a block goes.  Goodness, I should start thinking about packing…

Lastly, I have officially declared my major today!  Earlier, I wrote that I was in Inequality with Jeff Livesay.  Being in this class just made me realize that I NEEDED to be a Sociology major.  So this afternoon, I went to Jeff and asked him if he would be my new academic adviser in order to declare my major.  After an hour conversation about my future, plans at CC, plans for study abroad, I came out of Jeff’s office with a overwhelming sense of elation.  For some reason, this declaration of my major made me realize how much I loved my first year of college (the good and the bad) and CC. When choosing a college, I never thought I would major in Sociology.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Until Paris–au revoir!