The end! (of the beginning)

I can’t believe it’s already been a year! As I’m watching everyone pack and move their things out of the dorms, it seems like I was just watching everyone move in.

I’m still on campus right now, writing this a few days after classes have ended. I’m staying here over the summer, doing an internship that I’m really excited about! I’m going to be working with summer conferences, mainly setting up the Colorado College Summer Festival of the Arts

which looks amazing! Hopefully I’ll also get to catch the amazing performances, and attend some of the workshops that are happening.

I’m also looking forward to seeing Colorado Springs in the summer… so far 8th block has been beautiful (see gorgeous sunset below) and I’m thinking it can only get better.

Mountains at sunset

We definitely had some sunny days… (and silly days…) as the year wound down

Sunny 🙂

It was also remarkably hard to concentrate on the last couple of days of class as I was trying to study for my final in International Politics of the Middle East and North Africa! (A cool class that I would highly recommend. The best part was a peace summit simulation we ran for one day in the campus center where we each represented a different country — I was Israel, and like to think I worked out a pretty great peace treaty :D).

So in the last couple days my friends and I retreated to the Fishbowl (a building near the east side of campus where you can go and study, the windows are completely glass, so if you can’t be outside, at least you can pretend you are).

Lahya studying

And now I’m looking forward to a great summer ahead! I think the internship is going to keep me really busy, but I’m also planning to do lots of hiking and exploring in the Colorado area with my friends, and to jet off to my brother’s graduation on the east coast in June to see my family. The summer looks exciting… and I’m ready for it!