Summer Cooking

I love good eating good food, and since I’ve moved out of the big dorms, have gotten into cooking. Nothing too gourmet or anything fancy, but just really trying my hand at all the different cuisines out there. My favorite recipe website is and I salivate every time I look at all the pictures. The site has all types of recipes and its nice when I can see what my food it supposed to look like. This site also opens up a whole new world of food bloggers, and you would not believe the number of foodies out there. The summer is the best time to experiment because there’s all this fresh produce left and right and I have a lot more free time then I do during the school year.
This is one of my most recent recreations:
Spicy Chicken Wings
500 gms chicken wings (skin on)
2 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp ginger paste
2 tbs vinegar
1 tbs chili sauce
1 tbs ketchup
1 tsp red chili powder
salt to taste
For the sauce:
1 tbs oil
2 green chilies, chopped finely
2 tbs tomato paste
salt to taste
1 tsp chili powder
2 tsp paprika powder
2 tsp cayenne powder
2 tbs hot sauce
chopped coriander to garnish
Marinade the wings in the ingredients listed for at least half an hour or more. Broil in the oven on high heat until cooked and just beginning to char.

In the meantime, prepare the sauce by heating the oil. Add to it the chopped green chilies and stir fry for 30 seconds. Add all the rest of the ingredients and stir fry for 2-4 minutes until cooked through. You can add up to 1/4 cup of water at this stage if you want a thinner sauce. Add the grilled chicken wings and toss to coat. Garnish with coriander.

Enjoy eating!

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