Exactly one week to go!

Happy Wednesday!  We’ve made it half way through third week.  I’d have to say that this week has gone by pretty quickly so far, which is great! We have exactly one week left of the block.  Next Wednesday is the last day.

I can’t believe how quickly this block has gone by!  It feels like just yesterday we were starting our first lab and now we are finished except for counting the bacteria on the last plates we have.  Once we finish that all we have to worry about are three things.  Our Laboratory Research summary, out last test, and our grant proposal presentation.  It makes the end of the block not seem so far away, which is amazing.

I’ve really enjoyed this class and the people in it.  It has been extremely interesting learning about how bacteria work and survive and getting to do research type work in lab. Today we learned about this really cool bacteria Aliivibrio fischeri, which can produce its own light.  These bacteria live in  the bobtailed squid.  The squid is nocturnal and at night it detects the amount of moonlight.  Depending on how much light there is determines how much it will open its light organ where the bacteria live and produce light.  This symbiotic relationship helps the squid not cast a shadow and this protects the squid from predators. It’s pretty awesome!  This class has been a great block 4 class to take before break.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in biology and or learning about bacteria.    Plus Phoebe is a great professor!

As the block winds down there are many other things that we have to do before we leave campus for break.  We have to clean our rooms really well, for end of the semester check out and pack up everything that we need to take home for the break.  All of this extra work will make for some nice breaks from studying and finishing class work.

Once Wednesday rolls around next week everyone will be heading out to get home for winter break and campus will slowly shut down for a while with a little less hustle and bustle.

This will most likely be my last post for the block.  This was a really fun opportunity to have for the block.  I enjoyed having the chance to share about the class with anyone who reads this.  As the block winds down and people head home for break I hope that everyone finishes the block strong and have safe travels to where ever winter break may be taking them!

Erin Slay '14

Hi! I'm a Junior Molecular and Cellular Biology major here at Colorado College. I am also an active member of Peace Jam here on campus. I'm Colorado born and raised and love it here at CC! In my spare time I play IM b-ball, catch up on TV shows,spend time with friends, and relax. I love being able to look at pikes peak every day! The Block Plan is great and so is the Biology Department!

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