Software Reviews: (listed by date)
  • Fenno, Richard.1996. I>Macworld v13, n5, May, p81(1)
    Coda Music Technology’s Finale 3.51: music-notation software goes native, picks up the tempo.
  • Fenno, Richard.1995. Macworld v12, n10, Oct, p79(2)
    TAP Music Systems’ Nightingale 2.0…is easy to learn and use and is both powerful and very fast.
  • Fenno, Richard.1995.Macworld v12, n4, April, p75(1)
    Opcode Systems’ Overture 1.02 generates good output and is easy to learn…much simpler than high-end products such as Coda’s Finale.
  • Zeeuw, Anne Marie de.1995 .Notes v51, n3, March, p994(5)
    Nightingale 1.4 is a music notation software developed by Temporal Acuity Products Inc. for Macintosh users. The softwareis user-friendly, has a straightforward interface …
  • Manes, Stephen.1995. The New York Times v145, Oct 17, pB7(N) pC8(L), col 1.
    Voyager’s Making Music multimedia CD-ROM: lets users who know nothing of musical notation create their own compositions, and …
  • (No author listed).1994.MacUser v10, n7, July, p34(1)CARTRIDGE # Magazine Collection 74K5265.
    Passport Designs’ MusicTime 2.0: (Brief Article)
  • Alves, William.1994.>Notes v50, n3, March, p1052(3)
    Coda Music Technology’s Finale, ver 3.0.
    The product is a significant improvement on earlier..
  • Long, Ben.1994 .MacWeeK v8, n6, Feb 7, p49(2)
    Passport Designs’ Encore 3.0 is a professional-quality music notation program with a well-designed user interface…
  • Whitney, Ross.1994.Notes v51, n1, Sept, p254(4)
    Encore 3.0.7: software for Macintosh and Windows which has sophisticated MIDI and user interface capabilities and an impressive output which addresses the stringent notational needs of music educators
  • Fleisher, Paul.1993.Technology & Learning v13, n7, April, p12(2)
    Passport Designs’ MusicTime lets young users successfully compose without knowing how to read music.
  • Gruberman, Ken.1992.MacUser v8, n10, Oct, p85(2)
    Mark of the Unicorn’s $595 Composer’s Mosaic is useful for both budding song composers and experienced music copyists.
  • Kendall, Robert.1992.PC Magazine v11, n18, Oct 27, p520(2)CARTRIDGE # Magazine Collection 66E2689. Business Collection 67X4636.
    Passport Design’s Encore: Reviewed in “Four MIDI Software Packages Scale New Musical Heights”
  • Kendall, Robert.1992.PC Magazine v11, n18, Oct 27, p519(2)CARTRIDGE # Magazine Collection 66E2688. Business Collection 67X4635.
    Twelve Tone Systems’ Cakewalk Professional for Windows: Reviewed in “Four MIDI Software Packages Scale New Musical Heights”
  • Clouser, Charles.1991. I>Macworld v8, n12, Dec, p197(1) S
    Music-notation-and-publishing system: Repertoire’s Music Publisher 2.5.2.
  • Kendall, Rob.1991.PC Magazine v10, n11, June 11, p490(2)CARTRIDGE # Magazine Collection 60D3003. Business Collection 59N3670.
    Coda Music Software’s Finale 2.0 provides powerful desktop music publishing for a reasonable price.
  • Kendall, Rob.1991.PC Magazine v10, n11, June 11, p491(1)CARTRIDGE # Magazine Collection 60D3004. Business Collection 59N3671
    Passport Designs Inc.’s Score: notation power at a price.
  • Machrone, Bill.1991.Perspectives of New Music v28, n1, Wntr, p112(31)
    also in
    PC Magazine v10, n1, Jan 15, p167(2)CARTRIDGE # Magazine Collection 58B2676. Business Collection 55V2947. TOM Fiche 58B2676.
    Dynaware USA Inc.’s musical sequencer program, Ballade, version 2.0 is a combination sequencer and notation program. (Cover story: best of 1990).
  • Wildberger, Mel.1991.Notes v47, n3, March, p804(2)
    Source Book of Proposed Music Notation Reforms. (book reviews)
    books –reviews, etc
  • Signell, Karl.1991.Journal of the American Musicological Society v44, n1, Spring, p136(13)
    Evaluation: The Copyist III 1.51, Finale 1.1, MusicPrinter Plus 3.2, Music Writer 1.0, Personal Composer 3.3, Score 3, Theme 3.2, NoteWriter 1.0, Professional Composer 2.3, Finale 3.0.
  • Congdon, David.1990.Times Educational Supplement n3883, Nov 30, pR33(1)
    What’s the score?: Rhapsody music notation software.
  • Gruberman, Ken.1990. MacUser v6, n9, Sept, p101(3)Passport Designs NoteWriter II
  • Parkinson, Kirsten L. No Date Given.MacWeek
    Passport ships Encore 3.0 to notation app. (Brief Article>
  • Parkinson, Kirsten L.No Date Given.MacWeek
    Great Wave Software Inc.’s ConcertWare Pro (Brief Article)
  • Parkinson, Kirsten L.No Date Given.MacWeek
    Finale 3.0 scores with new interface, playback controls, arrangements.(Brief Article)

Other Computer-Related Topics

  • Francois, Jean-Charles.Perspectives of New Music v30, n1, Wntr, p6(15)
    Writing without representation, and unreadable notation. by Jean-Charles Francois.
    Modern music has outgrown notation. While the computer is used to write down music with accuracy never before achieved, the range of modern sounds has surpassed the relevance of the computer…
  • Blostein, Dorothea.1991.Communications of the ACM v34, n3, March, p88(12)
    Also by Lippold Haken. Justification of printed music.
    The use of computer systems for printing and editing sheet music has lagged behind the computerization of text because of the complexity of music notation. ..
  • Hamel, Keith A.1989. Perspectives of New Music v27, n1, Wntr, p70(14)
    A design for music editing and printing software based on notational syntax. (computer music)