The State of the Rockies Project is in its eleventh year, and seeks to increase public understanding of vital issues affecting the Rockies. All State of the Rockies events are free and open to the public, who are encouraged to join the ongoing discussion of the issues that affect our beautiful yet fragile region.

The Rockies Project has set its sights on a topic of continental scale: Large Landscape Conservation. Read our 2013-14 Project Prospectus here. Developing off the successes of our 2011-2013 focus on the Colorado River Basin, we seek to raise awareness of an increasingly important movement in the conservation community using our Project motto: Research, Report, Engage. Continuing our tradition of student-faculty collaboration, we will investigate conserved lands in the Rocky Mountain region and some of the initiatives underway to encourage conservation on a landscape-scale.

Our blog has three distinct sections meant to hit on different elements of the Project’s mission statement: Building upon 130 years of service to the region, the Rockies Project conducts state-of-the-art research helping Rockies residents clearly see our communities, our environment, and our economy so we can better shape our future.

Research In its eleventh year, the Colorado College State of the Rockies Project has set its sight on a topic of key importance to the Rocky Mountain region’s peoples and environment: Large Landscape Conservation. Throughout the year, we will utilize this Research section of our blog to update our followers on the Project’s work. With student-faculty collaborative research efforts at the heart of our work, and a growing element of social media and field research, we find ourselves submersed in critical issues throughout the Rockies region both physically and in the form of our investigations on campus. Stay tuned to hear more about the workings of the Project and some of the various initiatives we’re undertaking.

Report This section of our blog develops on the Rockies Project’s tradition of investigating and reporting on issues of key importance to the Rocky Mountain Region. By leaning on the Project’s tradition of student-faculty collaborative research, and incorporating other investigations of pertinent social, economic, and environmental concerns we aim to fulfill our mission of “helping Rockies residents clearly see our communities, our environment, and our economy so we can better shape our future.”

Engage This section of our blog is meant to draw attention to the contentious issues that affect the Rocky Mountain West. Through perspectives pieces and the opinions of individuals, we seek to engage Rockies citizens in the discussions at the nexus of the environment, society, and the economy. We promote a healthy, balanced debate to further the understanding of how people and their environment have, and will continue to shape the Rocky Mountain Region.

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