The world of electronic music has its share of well-known, burnt-out DJs. The EDM scene is littered with their legacies. For every decaying EDM star, there are thousands of undiscovered artists waiting to be found in the depths of Soundcloud. Most of these DJs make garbage music. Contra is not one of these DJs. Real name Conner Lund is an up-and-coming producer at UCLA; and has some serious potential in the electronic music world. His latest release “Diamonds In My Mouth” is a total departure from his previous Thomas Jack-esque tropical house vibe. “Diamonds in My Mouth” features some skillful vocal chops and an overall fuller sound from the Louisville, CO based artist. Follow Contra on (twitter: mynameiscontra) or on (soundcloud: Contra303). If a recent tweet from Contra is any indication, we’ll be hearing more lots more from Contra in the coming months and years.

All Hail Contra

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